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Special Containment Procedures:
Update: 3/28/2020
Given that anomalous events have not recurred for a time period of three months since the evening of 12/24/2019, Foundation analysts estimate a 79% probability that SCP-5760 events will not recur. The anomaly file has been submitted to the Classification Committee for further review and consideration of re-classification to Neutralized at the twelve-month mark. Until that time, SCPs will continue as described below.

Prior Containment Procedures
MTF Tango-13 ("Southern Hunters"), based out of Site-27, is the contact point for all efforts, research, and armed responses to SCP-5760. As part of investigation into SCP-5760, two plainclothes MTF agents have been inserted into Nazarene to observe and document anomalous occurrences. Any and all anomalous-appearing occurrences in the midwestern parts of Georgia are to be designated PRIORITY: Emergent and investigated immediately for any connections to SCP-5760 — if SCP-5760's zone of influence is found to be spreading, then its classification will be provisionally upgraded to Keter, with additional pre-planned response forces to be deployed out of Site-27 to evacuate and amnestize civilians in affected zones as able.

Under no circumstances is an evacuation of Nazarene itself to be attempted — all four attempts have so far met with uniform failure, with residents spontaneously combusting as soon as they are removed more than 3km from Nazarene's center.

SCP-5760 is the designation for as-yet unclear phemonena occurring in and around the town of Nazarene, Georgia. Comprised of approximately 745 residents, the Nazarene town center and the area within a 3km radius have been subjected to a variety of recent-onset anomalous events — the first recorded event on 08/25/2018 involved the sudden and spontaneous combustion of the pulpit in the town's Blessed Communion Church, a congregation belonging to the Coalition of Independent Baptist Fundamentalists. Subsequent events noted by the residents have included but are not limited to:

  • On 10/24/2018 starting at approximately midday, all town residents were suddenly incapable of speech for 77 minutes. Residents reported that every time they began to think about speaking, they heard the voice of a female child, shushing them.
  • On 12/22/2018, all female residents experienced spontaneous menstrual bleeding for the entirety of the day. Notably, this did not at all correlate with each resident's menstrual cycle. Some residents reported a milky-white substance as well, mixed in with the secretions.
  • On 03/25/2019, every video-recording device in Nazarene spontaneously combusted. 33 town denizens were injured, and one family lost their home to a fire.
  • On 05/23/2019, during a nightly prayer vigil for the town's wellbeing, one female resident, 13-year-old Chastity Prudence Jones, spontaneously involuted into herself, rapidly shrinking down to a 1cm-diameter void suspended approximately 1 meter above the ground. Based on testing conducted on 04/11/2020, the void continues to emit Hawking radiation and should fully evaporate by 2024.
  • On 07/27/2019, the town's well was found to be filled with pig's blood. Four residents who acted on the desire to consume it contracted what appears, based on the town physician's clinic notes, to be a rapidly-progressive form of the H1N1 virus and uniformly died of acute respiratory distress within 48-72 hours.
  • On 10/26/2019, at approximately 1700 hours, all of the town's residents simultaneously stopped what they were doing and pointed with their left index finger toward the northwestern edge of town. After 17 seconds, the phenomenon ended, and the residents continued their prior activities.

Per resident report, soon after the events began, the pastor of Blessed Communion Church, one Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Schmidt, convinced most, if not all, of the town's residents that these events were a test of their faith. As such, residents were reluctant to report these events to local or regional authorities, instead forming large prayer groups on a regular basis to attempt to "cleanse Nazarene of our iniquities and our demons," as one resident put it. On 09/09/2019, a former resident visited the town to see his family - upon learning of the events, he contacted the Marble County Sheriff's Office and reported the occurrences via telephone. The Sheriff's Office sent an officer to investigate on 09/11/2019. The officer was never recovered - his car was found approximately 3km outside Nazarene, pointed away from the town on the side of the only road going into or out of the area. Notably, the car was found filled with identical copies of what was later identified as a worn, somewhat shredded outer casing for a teddy bear.

Once the Sheriff's Office reported the investigation's outcome to state authorities, Foundation informants within the state government learned of the situation and on 09/15/2019, the Anomaly Response Division was apprised of the events and tasked MTF Tango-13 with a response. Two MTF operatives then entered the town in plainclothes as observers and were tasked with documenting the anomalous occurrences and attempting to determine a pattern. Their efforts have so far met with little success.

Addendum: Events of 12/24/2019
On 12/24/2019, at approximately 0400 hours, a fire broke out at Rev. Dr. Schmidt's home on the northwestern edge of town, leading to the deaths of Schmidt, his wife, and their four children. Investigation of the remains uncovered several dozen firestarting devices (primarily torches and Molotov cocktails) that had been tossed through the windows and toward the base of the house. Upon further investigation, all residents, as well as the Foundation plainclothes agents residing in the town, reported having been in a deep sleep throughout the night's events. Interviews were conducted with many of the town's residents to determine if this was a result of anomalous phenomena - selected portions have been included below.

Video Log Transcript

Interview 07 Video Log

Date: 12/27/2019

Interviewer: Specialist Jose Tranquilidad, MTF Tango-13

Interviewee: Boaz Schumacher

Foreword: Boaz Schumacher is one of the town's residents and the general store clerk. He was interviewed by MTF Tango-13 personnel under the guise of a police investigation.

Tranquilidad: Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Schumacher. Just a brief reminder before we start that this is being recorded, and that we are interviewing you as part of the investigation into the deaths of Jeremiah Schmidt and his family on December 24th. Do you understand and are you comfortable with proceeding?

Schumacher: Yes, officer.

Tranquilidad: Excellent. Now, let's start with what you remember of the night before the fire. Anything out of the ordinary?

Schumacher: Well, I can't say I noticed anything all that odd. Less of the townspeople stopped by, the weather was unusually bad — hotter than I'd expect given the time of year. But nothing too crazy.

Tranquilidad: How about the town residents you saw? Anything odd with them?

Schumacher: Hmm — now that I'm thinking about it, everyone seemed — well, I don't know what you'd call it — more worried-looking than usual. Old Man Cotton came in for some toothpaste around sunset — we usually talk shop, he tells me how the farm's going, maybe he'll stick around to drink some sweet tea and watch one of the Saturday games with me if there's any good matchups on. He's partial to the Georgia Bulldogs, and me, well - I'm partial to just about anyone else.

(Schumacher laughs nervously and takes a sip of his water before continuing.)

But this time? He was in and out in a flash — stuck around long enough to say hello, how's it going, say hi to Mary and the kids for me — then he was out, looking over his shoulder the whole way back to his truck. He wasn't the only one, just the one I remember best.

Tranquilidad: Would you say the town's — "mood", for lack of a better term — had shifted that day?

Schumacher: Most certainly, now that you've got me pondering the evening. Like the whole place was waiting for somethin', to see who'd be elected, whether the guy on trial's getting the guilty verdict - that sort of a feeling on the air. I don't really know how to describe it. All I know is as I was closing up the shop, y'know, locking up the back, restocking some of the shelves, I stepped outside for a smoke and the night was quiet enough you'd hear a sewing needle hit the floor. My God, even the moon looked like somebody'd turned it down.

Tranquilidad: And then what do you remember?

Schumacher: Not much, really — I kissed my boys goodnight, got in bed next to Mary, she was readin' a book and I turned my light off, and I was out pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow, I think… The cries of the oppressed, damnation swinging, hellfire, hellfire and blasphemy, the singing of the bastard pigs, the Sodomites, they all feast on my pain pleasure themselves for my screaming I weepandtheydrinkthetearstormentdragthemalldown -

(Schumacher regains control of himself, and appears deeply disturbed.)

Tranquilidad: Mr. Schumacher, are you alright?

Schumacher: I'm — I'm sorry. By God, I don't know what just came over me, that's never happened to me before. I ain't like one of those kids with Torches Syndrome or whatever it's called where they just curse at you for no good reason — I — I'm sorry, can we stop? I'd like to go home now.

Tranquilidad: I apologize for whatever discomfort is arising from this interview, Mr. Schumacher. Just one more question, if I may, and then we can conclude this interview. What can you tell me about Jeremiah Schmidt?

Schumacher: Oh, Schmidt — he was a good man, one of the best. I — I just can't believe he's gone, that somebody's out there who'd do this to him. We'd have hobos wander through the town, y'know, on their way to warmer parts, and he'd put them up in his basement, real nice of him. He fed the birds, helped out the town's little old ladies with stuff around the house - preached a real good sermon every Sunday, let me tell you, few hours long and not a single head'd be nodding in the whole crowd. Man had a gift and a heart for God, I tell ya.

Tranquilidad: Anything unusual you could tell me about him?

Schumacher: Nothing in particular. There was some rumor about him and a girl who wasn't his wife, years and years back — but then the girl left town for, I think Atlanta, maybe Savannah? Who knows — and then the rumors just sort of disappeared. Guess without her around to stoke the flames, people weren't all that interested. Nobody really believed her, either — she came from a rough house, always looking for attention, hanging out with boys by herself, she'd get spotted late at night sneaking out of barns or walking down the street, that kind of thing. Come to think of it, I don't even remember her actual name - we all just called her Jezebel, seemed fitting. But no, aside from that, nothin' else all that interesting about Jeremiah. I just hope you bring the bastards that did this to justice, you hear?

Tranquilidad: I understand — thank you for sharing, Mr. Schumacher. This interview is officially concluded.


Audio Log Transcript

Interview 13 Audio Log

Date: 01/05/2020

Interviewer: Specialist Jose Tranquilidad, MTF Tango-13

Interviewee: Naomi Womack

Foreword: Ms. Naomi Womack is a 78-year-old retired schoolteacher for kindergarten through 5th grade at Nazarene Schoolhouse and a lifelong resident of Nazarene.


Tranquilidad: Miss Womack, thank you for joining us today and agreeing to this interview. Before we get started, I'd like to remind you that this is being recorded, and that this interview is part of an investigation into the deaths of Jeremiah Schmidt and his family, and additionally into the events that have been happening over the past several months. Do you understand and are you alright with proceeding?

Womack: Yes, dear — wouldn't have agreed otherwise.

Tranquilidad: Perfect — let's get started. Tell me about Nazarene — what do you think has been going on here, lately?

Womack: Well, dear, I'm quite old — old enough to have seen things I couldn't explain, couldn't describe. The Lord's blessed me with many a trial and tribulation — and I know the Devil's work when I see it. Written all over the walls here. Why, a little over a decade ago — or was it two? It was certainly before that black antichrist took office — there was a gang, or someone, I don't know, they were going around leaving blood on the church walls! Can you believe it? The nerve! Just writing these foul messages about the hypocrites in our town - not that we don't have our fair share of them, you know, let me tell you about the Smiths down the way from here —

Tranquilidad: I'm sorry to interrupt, Miss Womack, but you were telling me about the strange things happening in the town?

Womack: Oh yes, dear, sorry about that — I can get off track sometimes. Funny thing about those odd messages, though — you'd do your damnedest to wash them off, they wouldn't budge. We tore some of the wallpaper off the inside of the church, the messages'd be back the next day, just in a different spot. Actually, this church in our town square is new — we tore the whole old one down, nobody talks about it anymore, but we just burned it down and started over. Witchcraft, I tell you. Anyhoo, it was about a year back, I just remember the pulpit bursting into flames during the Sunday sermon! Pastor Schmidt was nearly caught himself! Blasphemers, whodunnit. I don't know who or how, but the Devil's work, I tell you —

Tranquilidad: Yes, Miss Womack. Please proceed.

Womack: So these things started getting worse and worse — but, by God, it only brought the town together even more strongly, let me tell you. We were praying nightly for the devils and demons at our door to flee in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ — Pastor Schmidt leading us in our songs, our hymns. He'd preach these sermons at midnight, when we were tired and about to fall asleep, lighting our spirits on fire — whipping at us about the hell around the corner, telling us not to be like those lazy apostles in the Garden, to be there for our Lord, to stand and fight! Against our tribulation. And I — I tell you, the more the town was plagued, the harder we fought. Our faith prevailed — and Pastor Schmidt, well, he was at the center of all of it. He saved us, from whatever demonic forces descended upon us. It cost him his life, but I tell you, that man would've gladly counted it nothing to live and die for his town and his God.

Tranquilidad: I see. Anything else you could tell me about Pastor Schmidt?

Womack: The best man I'd ever met — fed the poor, helped us to stand strong against the world's challenges, kept us in line when someone'd start talking like a liberal. Good man, Schmidt. Only bad thing I could say about him, come to think of it - it'd be the women. Back when I was younger and tighter in all the right places —

(Womack cackles and her eyes briefly take on a far-away look before refocusing on the interviewer as she resumes speaking.)

Well, Schmidt and I had a, well, I suppose you'd call it a fling. Never told his wife about it, we kept it under wraps — and then he told me he couldn't anymore, that he'd repented and was to stay faithful to his wife and their "holy covenant." I said 'fine, I can't stop you,' I never told a soul and I walked away — I don't think I was the first or the last, though, and his wife was the good submissive type, not one to dishonor him, which is the ideal, of course, but sometimes I wonder if he didn't need someone to slap some sense into him. Come to think of it, there was a girl, a decade, maybe more, back — it would've been around 2006, maybe? I remember it was after Bush was reelected - good man, that one! Anyway, she was young, she came from a good family, but let me tell you, they never could tame that one. She told all the boys exactly what she had under those skirts, loved to grab their attention and pull them out to the forest after school and —

Tranquilidad: Miss Womack, I'd like you to stay on the question, please.

Womack: Oh hush, dear, I'm getting to it. So this girl, she started going after the Pastor — you know the style they have in these years, the tank-tops, the jeans that hug the curves and, just… advertise. She swung past him, I swear she was practically begging him, and, well - one thing led to another. I saw her a few months later, a bit rounder in figure, if you know what I mean. I heard she wanted the abortion, of course she did, that Jezebel - he didn't have much, you know, pay no attention to the nice house he lived in, it was his family's for generations — so he scrapes up every last penny he's got and, in the dead of night, gets her on a bus to Macon, to her cousin's house, with enough to get by and start a new life. That's the story I heard, anyways. Another man, I'd have said shame on him for not keeping the child around, raising it hisself — but Pastor Schmidt? He's got a family of his own to raise, to feed — and he's done so much good for the community, it'd be a shame to ruin all the work he's done over some such indiscretion. Crying shame, I tell you. Lord's had plans for him, can't have that be derailed by this.

Tranquilidad: I see — thank you for sharing, Miss Womack. It's helpful to know what kind of man Pastor Schmidt was. Any insight into his killers, any enemies you can think of that he might've made? Do you recall any of the events of that night?

Womack: I wish I had more for you. Went to bed around six o'clock, and I slept right through the night. Unusual, that — I'm usually awake around three in the morning, old age, you know, and this was the first time in years I've slept past sunrise. All I know is, the people that did this? They'll burn for it, alright. They'll all burn, eventually. God catches up with our sins — might take a bit, but there ain't no escaping it.

Tranquilidad: Thank you, Miss Womack. That's all helpful to hear, and that concludes —

Womack: One more odd thing, if I may. Couldn't tell you why — there was mud tracked into my house the next morning. Didn't have any visitors the day before, just woke up and looked like a raccoon or something'd gotten into my house and just walked around, came and visited me in bed, even. All over the place. Honest to God, my memory's going or I'd have mentioned it sooner when you asked about the day, but that's the only thing I can think of that was off about the whole thing for me.

Tranquilidad: Got it. Thanks, Miss Womack. That concludes our interview.


In addition to the selected interviews, one of the MTF agents, on awakening and before learning of overnight events, logged a Dream Report. Its contents are filed below. After the Dream Report was noted and analyzed, many of the town's residents were approached for a second interview to discuss any dreams from that night — to date, they have all refused to speak to Foundation personnel regarding the matter.


Personnel: MTF Tango-13 Agent Schulmann

Estimated Degree of Recall: 80%

Anomalous Entity Present?: N

Likelihood of Actionable Intelligence: LOW/MEDIUM

Description: I'm on my cot in the Smiths' house, and Isaia's asleep next to me. I get up, take off the sheets, and I walk right through the front door — the rest of the Smiths are right behind me. At this point, I'm not sure what's going on — I'm aware that I'm dreaming but unable to control myself or my surroundings as in typical lucid dreaming. I walk with the Smiths, and now Isaia as well, down the main street — we join a growing crowd of town residents, moving towards the northwestern edge of the town. After a few minutes, we are all in front of Jeremiah Schmidt's house, and the crowd keeps building. I didn't get an exact count, looking around, but it seemed like virtually every resident in the town was there.

I'm standing next to the Smiths, and I hear them talking to Old Man Cotton about his crops. Around me, everyone's making small talk with each other. Isaia walks up next to me, and we're talking shop, discussing what happened on our latest op before this one — information that would obviously be Veil-breaking, but neither of us seem to care. Doesn't seem like anyone's paying attention to us, anyway.

Then a truck drives up — it's one of the other farmers. He gets out of the truck, and starts handing out bottles and rags. I'm handed one of the bottles and I take a whiff — it's moonshine straight from the man's distillery. This is a dry county, so near every farmer has played around with it at some point. Those of us with bottles stuff the rags in deep, leaving a nice tail outside. I try to turn to Isaia to ask what's going on, the effort I'm expending feels like I'm straining to push through a Class III cognitohazard in one of the training sims — and my head moves an inch in the direction I want? If that?

At this point, the man in the back of the truck is starting to hand out torches. After he's done, he lights his own with a grill lighter, and then uses that to start lighting others' torches. The rest follow suit, and pretty quickly, a decent portion of the crowd is standing with the torches. Then, each family forms a somewhat straight line, on the left-hand side of the house from my perspective.

The man handing out the torches walks up, and lobs his at the house. It bounces off the side, and the grass around starts to burn. One by one, each family steps forward, turns and walks over to stand in front of the house - each family's oldest male throws a torch or a lit molotov, and then they walk past the house and toward me in a straight line on the right-hand side of the house. It's just like something you'd see at a Communion, the people walking up to the altar, the priest gives them their cookie, and they walk back down the other way.

At some point, it's my turn, and I walk up with Isaia. Not sure if, for the dream's purposes, we're considered as a unit? In any case, I'm the older by two years - I throw my molotov, and as I do, I say to the house, "The blood of Christ be with you." Then we walk away. There's more and more yelling coming from the house, and by now, the lawn all the way around the house has ignited, and there's a ring of fire.

I stand there with Isaia and keep making small talk as the rest of the families finish throwing. At some point, the yelling and commotion coming from inside the house has turned to screaming, then to quiet. Finally, we're done, and the crowd starts to disperse. I walk back to the Smith's house with them and with Isaia, and I get in bed. The next thing I remember is daylight.

Upon further investigation of the Schmidt home, a hidden room was found in the basement, behind a retractable panel in the wall. Said room was completely soundproofed — the contents of the room included a twin-size mattress on the floor, a bowl filled with stagnant water, a bucket filled to overflow with urine and feces, and the corpse of a 13-year-old female curled around a very damaged, hole-marked teddy bear. Per autopsy reports, death occurred during the fire, with the primary cause of death being asphyxiation. Also present in the room was a Sony Handycam DCR-VX1000 camcorder on a tripod, loaded with a blank cartridge upon which was written "#17 FOR JERRY".

As this investigation is no longer dealing with apparent anomalous phenomena, no further Foundation resources are to be expended on this matter. Relevant law enforcement personnel have been discreetly notified, and all relevant evidence (including hard drives recovered in Mr. Schmidt's home and various email records) have been turned over. SCP-5760 has been submitted to the Classification Committee for short-term review, and Special Containment Procedures have been updated accordingly.

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