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Item #: SCP-5977

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5977 is to be contained within a standard insectoid containment chamber at Site-83. SCP-5977 must be provided live prey1 twice daily by a drone. Should the population of SCP-5977 exceed 100, termination of up to 50 instances has been approved to maintain control of their population.

The original site containing SCP-5977 (designated LoI-5977) has been purchased by the Foundation and condemned.

Description: SCP-5977 refers to a nest of approximately 100 wasps capable of converting consumed and digested matter into a particulate glass through their excretions. The excreted glass will often be broken down and reshaped by SCP-5977 until a structure resembling the original material is formed, however, SCP-5977 will occasionally construct nests from this material as well. While this process can be performed with any organic material, SCP-5977 has exhibited a preference for sentient organisms.

General resistance testing on the glass produced by SCP-5977 has revealed it to be impervious to destruction by conventional means. The venom found in SCP-5977's stinger is the only known method capable of destroying the glass it produces.


SCP-5977 was discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Carlstadt, New Jersey after an emergency call was placed by Oliver Brown. Brown claimed that wasps had turned his boyfriend into a glass statue. Foundation agents embedded within first responders had investigated the call, and SCP-5977 was discovered. SCP-5977 and Cahill were both taken to Site-45.

The body of PoI-5977-2 (later identified as Victor Cahill) was taken to Site-45's experimental wing for further research.

The original container SCP-5977 was discovered in has been deconstructed and destroyed, and they have since returned to what can be considered normal behavior.

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