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Item #: SCP-5978

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5978 is contained in an air-sealed insectoid containment cell. The exterior of the containment cell has been outfitted with an electric grid, and an electric fence has been constructed in a six square meter area around SCP-5978's cell. SCP-5978's containment cell must remain at 60°C to facilitate the destruction of its spores. Any drop in temperature more than 5°C should be considered a breach of containment.

Any SCP-5978-A entities are to be removed, dissected, and then terminated if it is safe to do so. Until their scheduled termination, SCP-5978-A entities removed by the Foundation must be kept in separate containment chambers appropriate to their size, type, and quantity of current existing instances.

Personnel assigned to SCP-5978 must have a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of 15 or greater and must wear hazmat suits when physically interacting with the entity. Any personnel with respiratory issues, or allergies to pollen, are strictly prohibited from interacting with SCP-5978.

In the event of a containment breach, electrical weaponry should be used to incapacitate SCP-5978-A instances. However, termination is permitted if instances would otherwise pose a danger to staff.

Description: SCP-5978 is a spheroid mass composed of numerous insects, including ladybugs, monarch butterflies, centipedes, cockroaches, and three currently unidentified variants of arachnids. Despite having several points of contact with the ground and control over its limbs, SCP-5978 is either unwilling or incapable of locomotion.

Through the inhalation of spores which are constantly being emitted, SCP-5978 has the ability to place organisms under its mental control (these are henceforth referred to as SCP-5978-A), taking anywhere from six minutes to six hours for full control, depending on the size of the entity. At this time, it is unknown if there is a limit to how many entities SCP-5978 is able to manipulate.

SCP-5978-A entities lose any self-preservation instincts, willingly placing themselves in harm's way to preserve SCP-5978, regardless of the range between the anomalies.

SCP-5978-A are hostile toward uninfected entities. If an uninfected entity is observed, SCP-5978-A instances will attempt to convert them by physically overpowering them (en mass if needed), and then orally expelling a large number of spores into their nostrils and throat.

All SCP-5978-A instances have a viscous, green substance leaking out of their orifices, which evaporates when exposed to air. Analysis of this chemical composition of this substance is currently ongoing.

The following interview was recorded after the confirmation of a hypothesized telepathic link between SCP-5978 and SCP-5978-A once they were taken into Foundation custody. Dr. Andrews was equipped with a standard gas mask for safety purposes.

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