SCP Series 1 - Audio Edition

Showcase for the best audio adaptations of articles on this wiki.

For speed and convenience this list is available here by itself, but you can also head over to the main Audio Adaptations hub to see all catalogued adaptations of SCP Series, tales, and more in one huge list.

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SCP-001 Audio Links
SCP-001 - Awaiting De-classification [Blocked] Lilitha Star; ReadMyAudio; Audio Archive (0:00)
CODE NAME: Jonathan Ball - Sheaf of Papers NomadicArchives; ReadMyAudio; Audio Archive (1:41)
CODE NAME: Dr. Gears - The Prototype NomadicArchives; Miss Blackwolf; Audio Archive (8:00)
CODE NAME: Dr. Clef - The Gate Guardian Lilitha Star; Miss Blackwolf; Audio Archive (12:27)
CODE NAME: qntm - The Lock Lilitha Star; Miss Blackwolf; Audio Archive (0:14)
CODE NAME: Bright - The Factory Hedgehog (1/2), Hedgehog (2/2); TheVolgun; Audio Archive (8:25)
CODE NAME: Dr. Mann - The Spiral Path TheVolgun; Miss Blackwolf; Audio Archive (27:35)
CODE NAME: Dr. Mackenzie - The Legacy GRYITH; Audio Archive (29:09)
CODE NAME: S. Andrew Swann - The Database GRYITH; Audio Archive
CODE NAME: Scantron - The Foundation GRYITH; Audio Archive (11:00)
CODE NAME: Djoric/Dmatix - Thirty-Six GRYITH; Audio Archive
CODE NAME: Roget - Keter Duty GRYITH; Audio Archive
CODE NAME: djkaktus/TwistedGears - Ouroboros
Part One - The Children MuddyOrbs
Part Two - The Broken God HauntedReader; NomadicArchives
CODE NAME: Kate McTiriss - A Record LecterTV
CODE NAME: Kalinin - Past and Future CreepSin•
CODE NAME: S. D. Locke - When Day Breaks Site-42; GRYITH
CODE NAME: Spike Brennan - God's Blind Spot Audio Archive
CODE NAME: WJS - Normalcy Audio Archive;
CODE NAME: BILLITH - The World at Large Site-42; NomadicArchives;
CODE NAME: Lily - The World's Gone Beautiful Audio Archive;
CODE NAME: Pedantique - Fishhook Cimmerian
CODE NAME: not_a_seagull - The Sky above the Port Eastside

002 to 099 Audio Links
SCP-002 - The "Living" Room Brendaniel; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-003 - Biological Motherboard Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-004 - The 12 Rusty Keys and the Door Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-005 - Skeleton Key READ-ACTED; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-006 - Fountain of Youth Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast; LitterBot
SCP-007 - Abdominal Planet Morbid Memories; Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-008 - Zombie Plague TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-009 - Red Ice TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-010 - Collars of Control Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast; Miss Blackwolf
SCP-011 - Sentient Civil War Memorial Statue Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast; Miss Blackwolf
SCP-012 - A Bad Composition Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-013 - Blue Lady Cigarettes READ-ACTED; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-014 - The Concrete Man Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-015 - Pipe Nightmare Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast; Micro fin
SCP-016 - Sentient Micro-Organism TheVolgun; Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-017 - Shadow Person Site-42; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-018 - Super Ball Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-019 - The Monster Pot NaturesTemper; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-020 - Unseen Mold TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-021 - Skin Wyrm Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-022 - The Morgue Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-023 - Black Shuck Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-024 - Game Show of Death Maxwell; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-025 - A Well-Worn Wardrobe Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-026 - Afterschool Retention Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-027 - The Vermin God TheVolgun; <Space_Race>; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-028 - Knowledge AUDITORY DEPT; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-029 - Daughter of Shadows Paranormal Toad; TheVolgun; Reel to Reel
SCP-030 - The Homunculus NaturesTemper; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-031 - What is Love? TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-032 - Brothers' Bride Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-033 - The Missing Number AUDITORY DEPT; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-034 - Obsidian Ritual Knife Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-035 - Possessive Mask Lilitha Star; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-036 - The Reincarnation Pilgrimage of the Yazidi (Kiras Guhorîn) Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-037 - Dwarf Star Lilitha Star; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-038 - The Everything Tree Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-039 - Proboscis Engineers Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-040 - Evolution's Child AUDITORY DEPT; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-041 - Thought-Broadcasting Patient AUDITORY DEPT; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-042 - A Formerly Winged Horse Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-043 - The Beatle Site-42; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-044 - World War II Era Molecular-Fission Cannon READ-ACTED; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-045 - Atmospheric Converter Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-046 - "Predatory" Holly Bush Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-047 - Microbial Mutagen Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-048 - The Cursed SCP Number Synthetic Alien; Nick D'Alberto; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-049 - Plague Doctor SCP Archives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-050 - To The Cleverest Reel to Reel (1/2), Reel to Reel (2/2); Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-051 - Japanese Obstetrical Model Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-052 - Time-Traveling Train Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-053 - Young Girl Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-054 - Water Nymph Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-055 - [unknown] SCP Archives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-056 - A Beautiful Person Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-057 - The Daily Grind Paranormal Toad; ScpGregyb; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-058 - Heart of Darkness Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast; TeejTalks•
SCP-059 - Radioactive Mineral Reel to Reel; Audio Archive; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-060 - Infernal Occult Skeleton TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-061 - Auditory Mind Control Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-062 - "Quantum" Computer Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-063 - "The World's Best TothBrush" Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-064 - Flawed von Neumann Structure Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-065 - Destroyed Organic Catalyst Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-066 - Eric's Toy Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-067 - The Artist's Pen Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-068 - The Wire Figure Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-069 - Second Chance Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-070 - Iron Wings Lilitha Star; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-071 - Degenerative Metamorphic Entity Reel to Reel; Audio Archive; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-072 - The Foot of the Bed Maxwell; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-073 - "Cain" Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-074 - Quantum Woodlouse Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-075 - Corrosive Snail Lilitha Star; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-076 - "Able" TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-077 - Rot Skull Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-078 - Guilt Reel to Reel; Lilitha Star; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-079 - Old AI NomadicArchives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-080 - Dark Form Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-081 - Spontaneous Combustion Virus Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-082 - "Fernand" the Cannibal TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-083 - An Abandoned Row Home Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-084 - Static Tower Reel to Reel (1/2), Reel to Reel (2/2); Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-085 - Hand-drawn ''Cassy'' Lilitha Star; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-086 - The Office of Dr. [REDACTED] Lilitha Star; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-087 - The Stairwell SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-088 - The Lizard King Ordinary Men; Reel to Reel
SCP-089 - Tophet TheVolgun; Reel to Reel
SCP-090 - Apocorubik's Cube Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-091 - Nostalgia Reel to Reel; Audio Archive
SCP-092 - "The Best of The 5th Dimension" Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-093 - Red Sea Object TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-094 - Miniature Event Horizon Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-095 - The Atomic Adventures of Ronnie Ray-Gun Reel to Reel; Eastside
SCP-096 - The "Shy Guy" SCP Archives; TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-097 - Old Fairgrounds TheVolgun
SCP-098 - Surgeon Crabs Ordinary Men, ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-099 - The Portrait Ordinary Men
100 to 199 Audio Links
SCP-100 - "Jamaican Joe's Junkyard Jubilee" Audio Archive
SCP-101 - Hungry Bag Audio Archive
SCP-105 - "Iris" HauntedReader; Synthetic Alien; Hedgehog•
SCP-106 - The Old Man SCP Archives; Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-107 - The Turtle Shell Audio Archive;
SCP-108 - Extradimensional Nasal Cavity Audio Archive;
SCP-109 - Infinite Canteen Audio Archive
SCP-110 - Subterranean City Lilitha Star; Audio Archive
SCP-111 - Dragon-Snails™ HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; Audio Archive
SCP-113 - The Gender-Switcher Audio Archive; SCPReadings•
SCP-114 - Bringer of Conflict HauntedReader; Audio Archive
SCP-115 - Miniature Dump Truck Morbid Memories; Audio Archive
SCP-116 - The Brittle Boy Audio Archive;
SCP-117 - Complete Multitool Lilitha Star
SCP-121 - Concrete Cradle Audio Archive
SCP-122 - No More Monsters Audio Archive
SCP-123 - Contained Miniature Black Hole Audio Archive
SCP-124 - Fertile Soil Audio Archive; SCPReadings•
SCP-125 - Contagious Reflection Audio Archive
SCP-126 - Invisible Friend Audio Archive;
SCP-127 - The Living Gun Synthetic Alien; READ-ACTED; Reel to Reel; Audio Archive;
SCP-129 - Progressive Fungal Infection Audio Archive;
SCP-130 - Post Office Audio Archive•;
SCP-131 - The "Eye Pods" TheVolgun; HauntedReader; SCPReadings•; Audio Archive;
SCP-132 - Broken Desert Audio Archive;
SCP-133 - Instant Hole Ordinary Men; Audio Archive;
SCP-134 - Star-Eyed Child NaturesTemper; Audio Archive;
SCP-135 - Universal Carcinogen Audio Archive;
SCP-136 - Naked Doll Audio Archive
SCP-137 - The Real Toy Morbid Memories
SCP-139 - Possible Skull of the White Div TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-140 - An Incomplete Chronicle Brendaniel; Hedgehog
SCP-144 - Tibetan Rope to Heaven Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-146 - Bronze Head of Shame Lilitha Star
SCP-149 - The Blood Flies NaturesTemper
SCP-151 - The Painting Site-42; READ-ACTED
SCP-152 - Book of Endings Morbid Memories
SCP-153 - Drain Worms Eastside
SCP-154 - Offensive Bracelets Morbid Memories
SCP-157 - Mimetic Predator Reel to Reel
SCP-159 - The Perfect Lock Ordinary Men
SCP-162 - Ball of Sharp Ordinary Men; LitterBot; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-163 - An Old Castaway TheVolgun
SCP-164 - Squid Tumors TheVolgun
SCP-165 - The Creeping, Hungry Sands of Tule SCPReadings•
SCP-166 - Teenage Succubus TheVolgun
SCP-169 - The Leviathan Lilitha Star; Synthetic Alien; Ordinary Men
SCP-170 - A Tube of Superglue HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-172 - The Gearman ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-173 - The Sculpture - The Original SCP Archives; Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-174 - Ventriloquist's Dummy TheVolgun
SCP-178 - "3-D" Specs TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-179 - Sauelsuesor ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-182 - "Rider" Reel to Reel
SCP-184 - The Architect ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-185 - The Radio Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-186 - To End All Wars HauntedReader
SCP-187 - Double Vision Morbid Memories
SCP-191 - Cyborg Child TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-197 - The Greenhouse Ordinary Men
SCP-198 - Cup of Joe Eastside; SCPReadings•
200 to 299 Audio Links
SCP-201 - The Empty World Ordinary Men
SCP-204 - The Protector TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-205 - Shadow Lamps TheVolgun
SCP-207 - Cola Bottles TheVolgun; Morbid Memories; Eastside
SCP-208 - "Bes" Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-209 - The Sadist's Tumbler TheVolgun
SCP-210 - Flooded House Ordinary Men
SCP-212 - The Improver Synthetic Alien; SCPReadings•
SCP-216 - The Safe SCPReadings•
SCP-217 - The Clockwork Virus Draw My SCP; TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-225 - Unstoppable and Immovable Morbid Memories
SCP-226 - Puzzle Of Terror Morbid Memories; Eastside
SCP-228 - Psychiatric Diagnostic Tool Synthetic Alien
SCP-231 - Special Personnel Requirements SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
SCP-236 - Mimic "Crabs" SCPReadings•
SCP-238 - Building Complex SCPReadings•
SCP-239 - The Witch Child TheVolgun; HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-245 - SCP-RPG SCPReadings (1/2), SCPReadings (2/2)
SCP-247 - A Harmless Kitten HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-248 - 110% NomadicArchives; Morbid Memories
SCP-250 - Most of an Allosaurus HauntedReader
SCP-251 - The Deceptive Snow Globe Site-42; Eastside
SCP-257 - Professor William Woodsworth’s Collection of Curiosities NomadicArchives
SCP-258 - Weeping Frog Ordinary Men
SCP-261 - Pan-Dimensional Vending Squeezed Aether; MountainMadness; Eastside
SCP-275 - Ironskin Ordinary Men
SCP-279 - Meandering Man Reel to Reel
SCP-280 - Eyes in the Dark Morbid Memories; Synthetic Alien; SCPReadings•
SCP-291 - Disassembler/Reassembler Ordinary Men
SCP-292 - Egg Timer of Déjà Vu Ordinary Men
SCP-294 - The Coffee Machine HauntedReader; TheVolgun; SCP Archives
SCP-297 - "Steely Dan" SCPReadings•
SCP-299 - Infectious Tree Ordinary Men
300 to 399 Audio Links
SCP-303 - The Doorman HauntedReader; TheVolgun; Eastside
SCP-304 - The Signal Morbid Memories
SCP-306 - The Frogs Eastside
SCP-307 - Carnivorous Ivy Eastside
SCP-309 - Plush Toy Morbid Memories; Eastside; SCPReadings•
SCP-310 - Eternal Flame Morbid Memories
SCP-313 - Powerful Hand Dryer Morbid Memories
SCP-314 - Motion-Seeking Blade SCPReadings•
SCP-323 - Wendigo Skull Morbid Memories; TheVolgun; Lilitha Star
SCP-325 - The Detergent Morbid Memories
SCP-333 - City in a Symphony <Space_Race>
SCP-334 - Stellar Vulpine HauntedReader
SCP-335 - One Hundred and Fifty 3.5" Floppy Disks SCPReadings•
SCP-337 - Hairball Morbid Memories
SCP-339 - Be Silent, Be Still SCPReadings•
SCP-342 - A Ticket to Ride SCPReadings•
SCP-343 - "God" NaturesTemper; TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-346 - "Pterry" the Pterodactyl SCPReadings•
SCP-347 - The Invisible Woman SCPReadings•
SCP-348 - A Gift from Dad Eastside; Brendaniel
SCP-351 - Read-Only Memory Ordinary Men
SCP-352 - "Baba Yaga" HauntedReader
SCP-354 - The Red Pool ScpGregyb (1/2), ScpGregyb (2/2); TheVolgun; Eastside
SCP-359 - The Hawk SCPReadings•
SCP-365 - Pool Noodle <Space_Race>
SCP-367 - Little Dog Eastside
SCP-368 - Paper Crane HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-372 - Peripheral Jumper HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-387 - Living Lego TheVolgun
SCP-395 - The Bottle Baby Ordinary Men
SCP-399 - Atomic Manipulation Ring HauntedReader
400 to 499 Audio Links
SCP-400 - Beautiful Babies Morbid Memories
SCP-401 - A Palm Tree Morbid Memories
SCP-407 - The Song of Genesis TheVolgun
SCP-408 - Illusory Butterflies HauntedReader
SCP-409 - Contagious Crystal Reel to Reel; ILLUSTRATED•; SCPReadings•
SCP-410 - Editor Beetles TheVolgun
SCP-413 - Endless Garage Ordinary Men
SCP-420 - Aggressive Skin Condition SCPReadings•
SCP-426 - I am a Toaster Brendaniel; TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-427 - Lovecraftian Locket SCPReadings•
SCP-432 - Cabinet Maze SCPReadings (1/2); SCPReadings (2/2); ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-437 - Summer of '91 SCPReadings•
SCP-439 - Bone Hive TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-441 - Jacob Ram Ordinary Men
SCP-448 - Jack-in-the-Box Ordinary Men
SCP-450 - Abandoned Federal Penitentiary Site-42; HauntedReader; Infame Kato•
SCP-455 - Cargo Ship SCPReadings•; HauntedReader• (1/2), HauntedReader• (2/2)
SCP-457 - Burning Man TheVolgun•; Obscure Domain•; SCPReadings•
SCP-458 - The Never-Ending Pizza Box LitterBot; SCPReadings•
SCP-461 - ZICU-TV Ordinary Men
SCP-469 - Many-Winged Angel HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-472 - The Bloodstone TheVolgun
SCP-478 - Tooth Fairies HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-483 - Anti-Aging Placebos HauntedReader
SCP-485 - Death Pen EuclidClassDunmer; SCPReadings•
SCP-486 - Coatlicue Skin SCPReadings•
SCP-489 - 1-555-BUG-BASH Ordinary Men
500 to 599 Audio Links
SCP-500 - Panacea TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-502 - The Surrogate Heart Lilitha Star
SCP-504 - Critical Tomatoes HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-507 - Reluctant Dimension Hopper TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-510 - Soft Death Lilitha Star
SCP-513 - A Cowbell Site-42; Maxwell; Ordinary Men
SCP-516 - Intelligent Tank Eastside; SCPReadings•
SCP-520 - Knife Switch SCPReadings•
SCP-522 - Blood-draining Carpet SCPReadings•
SCP-525 - Eye Spiders TheVolgun
SCP-527 - Mr. Fish Site-42; Ordinary Men
SCP-529 - Josie the Half-Cat Site-42; Reel to Reel; Morbid Memories
SCP-530 - Carl the Variable Dog Reel to Reel
SCP-542 - Herr Chirurg TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-543 - Noise Ordinary Men
SCP-546 - A Notebook Ordinary Men
SCP-555 - Corpse Magnet SCPReadings•
SCP-559 - Birthday Time! SCPReadings•
SCP-563 - An Abandoned Farm in China TheVolgun
SCP-569 - Heads Eastside
SCP-575 - Predatory Darkness TheVolgun
SCP-576 - Sleep Well Ordinary Men
SCP-578 - Blood Opals Handsome Man-Child
SCP-579 - [DATA EXPUNGED] Shaggydredlocks
SCP-583 - Deathly Video Tape Ordinary Men
SCP-590 - He Feels Your Pain HauntedReader
SCP-598 - Sentient Color Ordinary Men
600 to 699 Audio Links
SCP-600 - "That Guy" HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-605 - Living Storm Cloud SCPReadings•
SCP-606 - "The Teacher" Eastside; HauntedReader; TheVolgun
SCP-607 - Dorian the Grey Cat HauntedReader
SCP-610 - The Flesh that Hates HauntedReader; TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-611 - Parasitic Toothpick Morbid Memories; Nick D'Alberto
SCP-615 - Stick Blob TeejTalks•
SCP-617 - Pet Rocks Morbid Memories
SCP-621 - Hypnobulbs TheVolgun
SCP-629 - Mr. Brass Ordinary Men; MR SCP•
SCP-631 - Nyctophobic Nocturnal Predator TheVolgun
SCP-632 - Intrusive Arachnid Thoughts HauntedReader; Synthetic Alien; SCPReadings•
SCP-636 - Elevator to Nowhere Synthetic Alien
SCP-643 - Delicious Chocolates SCPReadings•
SCP-648 - The Labyrinth Random SCP
SCP-649 - Matchbox Full of Winter SCPReadings•
SCP-650 - Startling Statue TheVolgun
SCP-654 - Thunderhorn Lilitha Star
SCP-656 - Home Edition Ordinary Men
SCP-657 - Death-predicting Man Ordinary Men]
SCP-662 - Butler's Hand Bell Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun; Eastside
SCP-664 - The Floor to Nowhere Ordinary Men
SCP-666 - Spirit Lodge HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-667 - Fairy Kudzu ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-668 - 13" Chef's Knife TheVolgun
SCP-674 - The Exposition Gun Gavin Conti; Nick D'Alberto
SCP-679 - Eyerot SCPReadings•
SCP-682 - Hard-to-Destroy Reptile SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-682 » Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682 ILLUSTRATED•
700 to 799 Audio Links
SCP-701 - The Hanged King's Tragedy TheVolgun; Ordinary Men; SCP Archives
SCP-703 - Into The Closet Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-705 - Militaristic Play-Doh TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-706 - Perfect Porcelain Doll SCPReadings•
SCP-707 - Nesting Dolls SCPReadings•
SCP-714 - The Jaded Ring TheVolgun
SCP-718 - Eyeball SCPReadings•; HauntedReader; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-723 - Aging Staircase SCPReadings•
SCP-727 - Hephaestus's Forge Lilitha Star
SCP-729 - Marble Bath SCPReadings•
SCP-732 - The Fan-Fic Plague Eastside; Synthetic Alien
SCP-734 - The Baby HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-735 - Insult Box HauntedReader; Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun•
SCP-743 - A Chocolate Fountain SCPReadings•
SCP-745 - The Headlights SCPReadings•
SCP-747 - Children and Dolls SCPReadings•
SCP-750 - A Different Outlook on Life Synthetic Alien
SCP-751 - Organ Eater SCPReadings•
SCP-753 - Automatic Artist SCPReadings•; HauntedReader
SCP-773 - Voodoo Dartboard SCPReadings•
SCP-774 - Whistlebones SCPReadings•
SCP-775 - Hungry Ticks SCPReadings•
SCP-776 - The Youth Cult HauntedReader
SCP-777 - Kingdom of Sand SCPReadings•; Eastside
SCP-783 - There Was A Crooked Man NaturesTemper
SCP-784 - Christmas Cheer Brendaniel; Reel to Reel; Ordinary Men
SCP-791 - Water Orb Lilitha Star
SCP-792 - The Body Farm Morbid Memories
SCP-793 - The Ghost Sickness TheVolgun
SCP-795 - Reality-Bending Cat SCPReadings•
SCP-799 - Carnivorous Blanket TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPReadings•
800 to 899 Audio Links
SCP-801 - Seven Furs HauntedReader
SCP-804 - World Without Man TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-808 - The Mechanical Choir TheVolgun
SCP-810 - The Never-want Lamp Morbid Memories
SCP-811 - Swamp Woman TheVolgun
SCP-815 - Snake Nut Can Morbid Memories
SCP-817 - Random Metamorphism TheVolgun
SCP-823 - Carnival of Horrors TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; Ordinary Men
SCP-826 - Draws You into the Book Ordinary Men
SCP-833 - Charity Worms NaturesTemper
SCP-834 - Marked Morbid Memories
SCP-835 - Expunged Data Released Lilitha Star; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-837 - Multiplying Clay Reel to Reel
SCP-842 - Operations Table Lilitha Star
SCP-845 - Liquid Polecat SCPReadings•
SCP-846 - Robo-Dude TheVolgun
SCP-847 - The Mannequin TheVolgun
SCP-854 - Dream Bridge Ordinary Men
SCP-858 - Gravity's Rainbow Reel to Reel
SCP-860 - Blue Key HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-865 - The Gentleman's Lash Synthetic Alien
SCP-868 - Mnemonic Meme TheVolgun
SCP-870 - The Maybe There Monsters SCPReadings•
SCP-871 - Self-Replacing Cake Maxwell; HauntedReader; Draw My SCP
SCP-872 - The Tattered Farmer TheVolgun
SCP-876 - Element-Switching Pills Reel to Reel
SCP-878 - The Actor Ordinary Men
SCP-880 - Trapped Winter EuclidClassDunmer
SCP-882 - A Machine TheVolgun
SCP-890 - The Rocket Surgeon TheVolgun
SCP-892 - Everyone's Spreadsheet Reel to Reel
SCP-895 - Camera Disruption HauntedReader; NaturesTemper; Synthetic Alien
SCP-899 - Lost Children TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
900 to 999 Audio Links
SCP-902 - The Final Countdown Morbid Memories; READ-ACTED; Ordinary Men
SCP-904 - A Short Poem SCPReadings•
SCP-905 - Mr. Chameleon MR SCP•
SCP-906 - Scouring Hive SCPReadings•
SCP-910 - Dust, Embodied Ordinary Men; MR SCP•
SCP-911 - Egyptian Book of the Dead HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-912 - Autonomous SWAT Armor Morbid Memories
SCP-913 - Mr. Hungry MR SCP•
SCP-914 - The Clockworks Eastside; Reel to Reel; Ordinary Men
SCP-914 » Experiment Log 914 Geno Aranea
SCP-916 - Man's Best Friend Ordinary Men
SCP-917 - Mr. Moon SCPReadings•
SCP-918 - Baby Mill SCPReadings•
SCP-924 - The Ice Water Men HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-931 - A Rice Bowl Morbid Memories
SCP-932 - Night Feeder SCPReadings•
SCP-939 - With Many Voices HauntedReader; TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED• (1/2), ILLUSTRATED• (2/2)
SCP-940 - Araneae Marionettes Synthetic Alien
SCP-942 - Blood Candy Lilitha Star; SCPReadings•
SCP-944 - Mirror Maze SCPReadings•
SCP-946 - A Formal Discussion Site-42
SCP-949 - Wondertainment Land Morbid Memories
SCP-951 - My Friend LUCAS NomadicArchives
SCP-953 - Polymorphic Humanoid TheVolgun; HauntedReader (1/2), HauntedReader (2/2); SCPReadings•
SCP-955 - Mr. Sillybug SCPReadings•
SCP-956 - The Child-Breaker Ordinary Men; ILLUSTRATED•; SCPReadings•
SCP-957 - Baiting Morbid Memories]
SCP-959 - The Bogeyman TheVolgun
SCP-962 - Tower of Babble HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-963 - Immortality TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-965 - The Face In The Window TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-966 - Sleep Killer TheVolgun; SCPReadings•; Eastside
SCP-971 - Exotic Fast Food Delivery Morbid Memories
SCP-979 - Stoneware Rabbit SCPReadings•
SCP-983 - The Birthday Monkey TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-984 - A Public Restroom SCPReadings•
SCP-990 - Dream Man HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-993 - Bobble the Clown SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-999 - The Tickle Monster TheVolgun; SCP Archives; ILLUSTRATED•
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