Just this one Halloween night...
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  • Where? - Site-91 Canteen
  • When? - 31st of October 2012, 8:00 PM
  • Who? - All Site-91 personnel
  • Clothes? - Halloween costumes, preferably some not too realistic for security reasons
  • What to bring? - Spooky spirit, something to chew on, your friends
  • What NOT to bring? - Unauthorized anomalous objects, any weaponry (Site Security is an exception)

Your new Director hoping to meet you,
Dr. Christopher Erwick

"Alright, alright. Calm down everybody. You know why we assembled here today." A noisy room full of people suddenly went silent since all of them expected a long explanation as to why they had to attend here in Halloween costumes. A man dressed in a long purple coat and a top hat with a giant W on it stood on the podium amongst them, holding a microphone in one hand and a cane in the other.

"First things first. I am sure all of you know me, my name is Dr. Christopher Erwick and I am your new Director. Well, it has been five months since I became the director but technically speaking I never had any welcoming party for this position." Some of the people in the room chuckled. Everybody knew that Dr. Erwick was rarely seen around since he was promoted. Some of his co-workers didn't see him since. Until now that is.

"I see you all got my invitation, even some people from our colleague sites. It's nice to see you all here. Once again I would like to apologise to all Security personnel, I realise that you will not be able to attend from obvious reasons… One the other hand, I really appreciate the costumes people, as you can see, I personally opted for Dr. Wondertainment. Yeah yeah, say what you want about the costume, I was actually stopped on the way here by our Chief of Security for looking suspicious, so it works." Erwick waves his cape a little a smiles for the audience as he presents his little employee event.

"Oh before I forget, be sure to stick around until midnight. We will be having a contest for the best costume." Erwick knew that it will be a good contest. Many people from Site-91 were taken from anartist groups and most if not all were really creative when it came to it.

"And now, without further ado, let the First Annual Site-91's All Saint's Eve party begin!" Everybody clapped. Probably because the speech concluded but maybe, maybe they really liked their new Director. Maybe they were simply glad that they actually celebrated for once.

Everyone was having fun, music was playing and people were talking. As the new Director, Erwick decided that Site-91 will become less cold. Not like he would throw parties every week but once in a year, on the All Hallows Eve, when everyone across the world starts believing in monsters, Dr. Erwick decided he will try to forget about them. Even if just for one night.

"Good evening Dr. Erwick," He turned around to meet the cold stare of Dr. Vávra, member of the on-site Ethics Committee and a person of great interest to Erwick. He was also dressed as a vampire, so his smile was quite literally sucking life out of Erwick.

"Oh yes, good evening to you. Nice costume you have there." He complimented him and tried to avoid further conversation. Normally the situation would be reversed, with Erwick being the one trying to start the conversation with Vávra so he can further discuss his proposals with the ethics committee. Not today. Erwick just wanted to blow of some steam.

"You know Erwick, I was just taking a look at the documents about SCP-3623 you left me and I have to say that Protocol Artwork-V is a huge improvement from Artwork-IV. However-"

Suddenly his mobile phone started buzzing. He was saved from this conversation.

"Thank you Doctor, I would gladly discuss this matter with you but right now I am afraid that something more urgent has appeared."

"Of course, I am sure it is something important." Vávra laughed, which wasn't exactly common for him and went to annoy some other researchers much to Erwick's delight.

Erwick read the words on the phone screen. It was a message.

Has the party started yet?

He took a moment to appreciate the fact that it wasn't anything serious and then replied. This Halloween night might actually end up how he planned it - not terrifying.

Not without you. Are you ready to join us?

While he was waiting for a response, he noticed a group of researchers coming to him. It was a strange sight to see a bunch of Foundation researchers putting on monster costumes. In a strange way, they all looked more human like this. Even Junior Researcher Wilkins who was dressed as a police man looked like he was enjoying himself.

"Hey Erwick, we want you to meet someone." Said the plague doctor whose voice strangely resembled Dr. Ike. He was accompanied by a person dressed as Bob Ross and Dr. Nakayama in a fairy costume.

"Oh good evening, those are some nice wings Mary. Ike, I haven't seen you in a while." Erwick greeted his colleagues. "And who do we have here?"

The young man dressed as a famous artist stared at Erwick for good ten seconds before finally saying, "Nice to meet you director, I am Dr. Ike's new assistant, Researcher Shallow." Erwick took his hand and smiled at the new guy.

"Nice to meet you too. Welcome to Site-91."

His mobile phone buzzed again. "Sorry, I gotta take this. You three have fun." With that he waved the cape of his toymaker costume and disappeared into the crowd.

Come and pick me up

Dr. Erwick checked out of the canteen five minutes later and got a stamp with a pumpkin stating that he can return. The stamps were a stupid idea, of course he could return. No one paid anything for going there in the first place. He found them hilarious though.

On the way he also paid a short visit to the chief of security, just to make sure. "Evening Majer, any problems?"

"No sir," Agent Majer responded without looking away from the monitor. "We have the entire site on full alert but everything is working as it should, guess your party is safe."

"Excellent, good job agent." He turned around to leave and continue on his way. "You know you can join us right? Your guys can handle it if anything happens."

"Thanks sir but I would rather make sure that nothing goes wrong, besides, I'm not really fond of parties." Erwick nodded and left.

Now he could finally head to the humanoid containment section as he planned from the beginning. He presented his credentials to the stationed guards and was let inside. A long hall passed by quickly and soon enough, he found himself standing at her doors marked SCP-3623-13 with a title underneath: Office of Researcher M. Sailer. One day this containment cell will be empty, he will personally see to it that the Artwork Protocol will be accepted and Mady will be treated better.

He knocked and unlocked the doors with a key he always carried around.


"I'm here to take you out. Under my supervision of course." He put on the act as best as he could in his current outfit.

"Oh, the Site Director himself is asking me out? How can I refuse?" She looked amazing, even if she spent the entire day working and even if she was dressed as a nurse.

"Hold on. First, you have to stay close to me, I don't want to argue with anyone so don't get separated." She gave him the most tired look possible but didn't say anything. "Second, no shenanigans, you know you can't affor-"


"Yes?" He didn't expect this. Mady was not the person to loose her nerves easily.

"I am anomalous, not stupid."

"Well, technically so am I." SCP-3623, also commonly known as a Muse by the anomalous community, is a Safe class anomaly and Researcher Sailer cannot be considered a threat any more than Dr. Erwick. That is at least what he was trying to prove.

"In that case be happy that you got the long end of the stick. Let's go."

"There he is and… is that… Her?" Dr. Ike couldn't believe what he is seeing. The Site Director's companion, Mady, as she was known on the site. And she was outside of her office.

"Good evening to you too Doctor." Mady said smiling as the duo passed by Dr. Ike.

"Erwick, care to explain this to me? Shouldn't she be locked up?" As he said that, he realised that it may have sounded offensive and tried to fix his mistake. "Nothing personal of course but won't you be in trouble for this?"

"Not in the slightest. The Ethics Comitee helped me pull some strings so my proposal passed. She is free to move around the facility now. Under my surveillance of course."

"Well congratulations then, do you want me to take a photo of you?" Dr. Ike took out a small camera from his plague doctor bag and removed his beak so he can see better.

"Sure." Erwick nodded.

"Say, Ninety-One is better than Nineteen!"

"Agents and Doctors, we have our three finalists!"

All of canteen clapped. Dr. Vávra on the stage in front was just about to select the winner of the First Halloween Costume Contest of Site-91. Alongside him stood Dr. Nakayama, her fairy wings reflecting the ceiling light. On his right stood a researcher dressed as a scarecrow with an actual pumpkin on their head. And last but not least, there was Dr. Christopher Erwick looking like he came out of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Somewhere from the crowd, Dr. Ike took a picture of those three on the stage with the intention of using it as official picture for Site-91's Database file. Researcher Sailer was looking over his shoulder and telling him that she wants a printed out copy.

"Are you ready?" Vávra got back on stage after exiting for a minute and this time he was carrying a small paper, silently reading it. He read it for a long time. The tension was unbearable but still nothing compared to the sound of alarm going on, so nobody complained.

"Alright. I… so… The winner of our Halloween Costume Contest is… Dr. Mary Nakayama!" Her reaction to this was so good that Dr. Ike decided to make it eternal with his camera.

The contest ended and the winner got her reward - One day off. After this, Researcher Wilkins decided to show everyone some of his dance moves and everyone was enjoying the time they could spend without any worries about the end of the world or monsters under their bed.

Overall, it was a good Foundation party.

"So did you enjoy it?" It was just around two hours past midnight when the site director finally escorted SCP-3623-13 back to her containment chamber/office.

"Yes, it was a lovely date." She said as he unlocked the doors.

"I know it wasn't exactly eventful but-"

"Wasn't that the point? To forget about all of the things happening?" She was right and he loved her for it.

He gently kissed her and she returned the favour. "Director, you shouldn't be kissing an SCP object, I am practically a monster, plus someone might see us." She giggled. And walked through the doors. He followed.

"Screw them, it's Halloween, there is nothing wrong about being a monster." And with that he locked the door behind them.

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