Sr. Researcher James A. Harkness' Personnel File

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hello, i am billith and i did this to myself


Name: Sr. Researcher James A. Harkness ("Billith")

Clearance Level: 4

Current Assignment: [DATA REDACTED PER O5 REQUEST]

Biography: Born 31 July 1979 in Hoboken, NJ, Sr. Researcher James Harkness was recruited out of university by the Foundation during their 1999 campaign for members of the then-fledgling Mobile Task Force Rho-9 ("Technical Support")1. Since then, he has been working closely with technology and information-based SCPs.

During routine evaluations, it was deduced that Harkness possesses a high cognitohazard resistance and therefore has been utilized with study of several powerful cognition-affecting SCPs in his 18 years of service. He currently resides in Site-34's personnel lodge.



I could see the gray in his eyes, clouding his vision, his thoughts. Felt it in mine too, but he was worse.

Sound waves performed synchronously as described within the parameters of the sheet music have a minor reality-warping effect, the strength of which is amplified the longer the pieces are played without error.

Any media that is currently in contact with SCP-3959 will start to automatically redact its own information over a period of time that is directly proportional to its own complexity. If left undeterred, SCP-3959 will not stop this process until all information present is obscured and irretrievable.

Note: This also includes supplementary page SCP-3959 (LEVEL 5 Clearance) and tale Redact Your Life.

Upon the manifestation of SCP-3545-1, individuals who travel through the boundaries and out the opposite side will find themselves transported to an alternate location.

Subjects report a brief period of unconsciousness following death that lasts approximately fifteen minutes. After this period, the subject's consciousness will be translocated to another copy of SCP-2759 seemingly not located on Earth, designated SCP-2759-E1.

Note: This also includes the supplementary exploration page Personal Log of Richard Larenz.

  • SCP-3335: The Hole in My Head Where My Mind Used to Be

"Drugs are drugs, right? Still, don't go jumping into some goddamn hole in the floor. High as balls or not."

I'm the hero of this story. My story. This will always be my story.

SCP-3311-1 instances will always be a chair in some form, although the concept of chair within SCP-3311 is found to be slightly looser and more adaptable than other places in reality.

Implementation of this code into SCP-1549 instances allow a subject to physically enter their device's screen as an unknown form of periphery.

Event 00059 was observed on January 4th, 2006, in a region of space roughly 2.6 billion light years from Earth (Therefore indicating its original source to be 2.6 billion years in the past).

Note: This also includes a tale series starting with A Place to Call Your Home.

"He was shivering and sobbing, and I just held him until the rest of 'em showed up. He was going on about the cold and the endless snow, babbling like a baby…"

When SCP-3533 is sprayed onto a surface or a number of surfaces, the respective components become conceptually vague for up to 72 hours.

SCP-1822 implies that the ratio of ██.█:██.█ is universally constant throughout many seemingly random forms of qualia and therefore gives rise to predictable patterns of behavior in systems that should otherwise be highly variable.

There are contradictions in your files, corruptions of large data, inconsistencies in your timeline. It must be agonizing. What I am offering you today is peace. Put down your sword and let us keep the norm.

We demand it.

The system by which processes connect to states (Defined as "causality") is inherently divergent upon choosing a direction in which to pass by SCP-2921 while walking on the trail.


Something was following Foster, he was certain of it. It did not prey on him in bloodlust nor hunger; it simply hung from him like a heavy chain on his form, a miasma.

"Alright Mark, this is your, uh, forty-seventh debrief and coghaz decontamination procedure. You remember them, yes?"

"Each and every one."

I will […] use this system to organize portals in a hierarchy based on their efficiency as a form of transfer of matter, use in containment procedures (a la Scranton Reality Anchor), and other ancillary tasks.


It's been in Site-44 for as long as anyone can remember, and, honestly, no one knows where the fuck it came from. It's locked in with a bazillion gizmos, and they all show up randomly on the sides of the box. Anything- keypads, combination locks, time-based Sudoku puzzles, you name it.

Note: This also includes collaborative page SCP-????-J EXTENDED EXPERIMENT LOG

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Note: This also includes offset page SCP-META-EX-J-OFFSET

Things defined by SCP-2719-J become an inside joke. Get it?

SCP-990-J: Actually, while I have you here, can I talk to you about something? It's important.

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