The End is the Beginning is the End
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Temporal Causality Report C-4295
Incident 9A-4295 - Investigative Conclusion
Per Communications Protocol Delta-7, this report, all attachments, and the associated personnel file are to remain secured and indexed until at least 2235/01/01.

It is the determination of our team that the following transmission poses no current or future threat to Foundation security. Analysis of the corrupt data string found a mundane communications error due to incompatibility between systems; no form of encrypted hazard was present, and Memetics found no other trace of anomalous content. Information contained within remains classified per relevant projects. Copies of the full report1 submitted to directors of Site-102, Site-122, and Armed Site-47 for further review.

Interdepartmental investigations proved conclusively that Anachronistic Communications Document C9-4295 did not reach the intended recipient, resulting in a terminated temporal loop. Incidents surrounding SCP-2002 pose no causal threat to Iteration Alpha-001'.3 Document reclassified as Artifact 2002/D-42. Investigation deemed closed, pending potential discovery from Armed Site-47.

By order of O5-10, Temporal Engineering will continue research on Project Scranton, and no further actions are needed at this time.

Note: As we say in the department, "Action Begets Change." If you are one to believe in fortune, count yourself lucky that “Mitzy” acted irrespective of the attempted communication. Let this serve as a reminder of the necessity of interdepartmental oversight divisions.

-Agent M. Daniels, Causative Analytics Department

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