The Graveyard - The Art of MalyceGraves
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The art of Malyce Graves

Over the years I have put together a fair amount of art. I never really considered making anything for the SCP-verse until I decided I really wanted some emblems for the two MTFs I've created.

Then, I made a La Rue Macabre theme.

Now, here we are.

La Rue Macabre Art

La Rue Macabre

Various MTF Emblems

MTF Beta-2 ("Bayou Boys")

MTF Pi-6 ("Clown Wranglers")

MTF Eta-5 ("Jaeger Bombers")

MTF Xi-8 ("The Last to Fall")

MTF Gamma-44 ("Meat Lockers")

Sarkic Pieces

Church of the Eternal Mother

The Darkwater Lodge

Société de la Fleur Sanglante

The Great Seal of Adytum

The Solomonari Beast

SK-BIO Type 004

GoI-0074, Church of the Red Harvest

In Memoria, Adytum

The Kelipat Nogah Initiative


- Something I whipped up for CerastesCerastes:

Noctem Deorum

- Something I whipped up for Cyvstvi13Cyvstvi13:

The Sophia Protocol

- Something I whipped up for SCP-4764


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