The Scarlet Shadow Saves The World
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The St. Paul night was colder than her Ex's heart, though a bit of frost was nothing a superhero couldn’t handle.

The Scarlet Shadow crept atop the roofs of Main Street; the cloying scent of litter and car exhaust dogged her steps. Her crimson cape was an echo of the bloody secrets this city tried to hide. But tonight, it was going to be different. Count Cold and his lackeys in City Hall would be jailbirds by morning. If they weren’t, the entire city could die.

The Shadow leapt to the street below in a confident motion- and promptly slipped and fell the moment her feet touched the ground. “Uff-Da, I must have really botched that landing.” What a time to have to massage her ankles. “A little fall like that shouldn’t have hurt at all.” She ceased speaking as her prey revealed themselves in the opposite alley. It was time for justice.

“Evening Count. Soon you’ll be on ice, and not in a way you’d like.” She sauntered into the alley, letting the city’s dark heart know that it couldn’t scare her. She glanced at the second man. “I’m disappointed Mr. Mayor. I was hoping the rumors were wrong.”

The two men looked at each other, and the Mayor took a step forward. “What the Hell are you talking about? Actually, who the fuck are ya?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, boys. I have super senses, so your pathetic disguises are nothing before my piercing gaze.” She extended a finger from her fist of vengeance to accuse her enemies. “I saw the Arctic Crystal in your hand, Count. You can’t hide from Justice!”

Count Cold jerked as if struck, but a haze of confusion still shrouded his eyes. “Arctic… Crystal? Anyway, no one fucks with my business.” He drew back his coat to reveal a dastardly freeze ray hidden in his inner pocket. “Get lost or get shot.” He turned his back to her, a mistake he’d soon regret.

The heroine charged forward with her fist cocked, ready to deliver a punch with all the force of the North Star inter-urban heading for Duluth. The hit connected, and Count Cold fell in defeat. The Mayor stepped back and tried to hide the wad of cash he'd been holding, but was too shocked or foolish to run. Evil men just never seemed to comprehend being bested by a woman.

“In this city, justice is red!” The Scarlet Shadow struck a victorious pose and imagined the glory that would come in the morning. This was her first step to saving the world. No more dead-end job; no more double life. She’d travel the world righting its wrongs, and finally get the respect she deserved.

A fist connected with her cheek, fracturing her left cheekbone and knocking her to the ground. Before another thought could enter her dazed mind, a left hook broke her nose. Then came a blow to her gut, and her temple, and her chin. Blood bloomed on the ground as a fallen rose, its iron tang filling her mouth.

“Wh..what?” She managed to stumble to her feet by grabbing the nearby wall. How could the Count be strong enough to overcome her durability?

"You made me slip, Bitch!" The Count grabbed her cape and yanked her towards him. The tattered cloth ripped under the force.

"Damn dude, you lacing your shit with bath salts or something?" The Mayor began to walk away. "Fuck that. I'll buy somewhere else."

"Hey, she's not one of my customers, man! I have no idea who this crazy bitch is. Come on, I need that money! Fuck." He turned to face the Shadow, who had finally begun regaining her breath. Snarling, he gave her a final kick before turning to follow the Mayor.

The Shadow sat up slowly. "Get back here… Get back here! I'll take you in! I'll kick your ass! Come back, I'm not done!" She slipped and fell on the ice once again. "Motherfucker! I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll break your fucking spine, COME BACK!"

Carl was wrong about Sarah, about her. She'd save the day, she knew it. "I'll fucking.. kill him." she whispered. She swore it on her cape.

Item Description: A red cape that causes any subject wearing it to believe that they have superpowers and must use them to save the world. Note that the cape does not provide any superpowers.
Date of Recovery: 05-04-████
Location of Recovery: Carl's Cool Comics in ████████, Minnesota
Current Status: In Site 34 secure storage.

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