La Rue Macabre Theme
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This is a template page used internally by the SCP Wiki.


Theme Colors

Tombstone--gray-monochrome(156, 148, 132)
Parchment --bright-accent(255,238,204)
Wild Sand --pale-gray-monochrome(244,244,244)
Alto --light-gray-monochrome(215, 215, 215)
Shadow on Pine--dark-gray-monochrome(115,94,55)
Dull Gold
Lisbon Brown --dark-accent(70,56,33)

La Rue Sigil - Black


La Rue Sigil - White


This theme was developed by MalyceGravesMalyceGraves to be used in conjunction with tales and SCP articles written in and around the setting of La Rue Macabre.

This theme is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Note: This is a Black Highlighter based theme. You will need to import the Black Highlighter theme as well in order to use this theme. To learn more go here.

Additionally, this is a heavily modified variant of the incredible Old Money theme by djkaktusdjkaktus & WoedenazWoedenaz

On any wiki:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:black-highlighter-theme]]
[[include :scp-wiki:theme:laruetheme]]


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The body font is Rubik.
The Title font is Parisienne
The monospace font used is Courior Prime.

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