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We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
- Oscar Wilde
Whatever you're thinking this means, it means that.
- Harry Blank


Portrait of the artist as a disembodied expression of generalized disapproval

Harry Blank is many things, to many people. To some he's an obscure internet writer they've never heard of, and they only know that much because they looked it up after you asked.

Aaaaaand I'm tapped.

In the real world, assuming it still exists, I'm a PhD student and occasional university course instructor. I'm an historian! That will eventually become obvious in the stuff I write. I'm also from Canada! (I guess you can't say "from" when you're almost never not there, though, can you? Then again, I just did!) If you're wondering, which you aren't, which is fine, but if you are, yes! I can proofread your spelling and grammar. My mental car hits all the speedbumps.

- actually looks himself up -

Oh, hey, I'm a politician from Québec apparently! That's cool, I hope I'm good at it.

I adore words. I think a well-crafted sentence, with proper flow and some bitchin' word choice, is a thing of almost pornographic beauty. For that reason my articles so far have absurdly-long edit histories as I keep thinking of better ways to say things which were already said perfectly acceptably weeks ago.

I am not a snarky egotist, though I may play one on TV for laughs. I am in fact a sensitive hyperresponsible wussy who fears being misunderstood and will receive criticism as a gut punch. I am extremely grateful for said gut punches, because I want anything I post to actually be good. Keep pummeling, people.

And keep being fantastic! Because you are fantastic (especially if you're different from me) and the unimaginative shitheels who want you to think otherwise are just mad that they're going to go extinct and become "those fuckin' people" in the history books next to the original Nazis. You can trust me on that; I help write the history books.

…in Canada, admittedly, but Canada is at least partially real world-adjacent.

So far, everything I've written here has been interconnected. My first skip established a Site and teased a disaster, my second skip fleshed out the Site and developed the disaster, and my third skip is the disaster! (I was afraid it would also be a disaster, but nope!) You might get some extra nuance if you read them in order, but they should all work on their own just fine too.

I'm planning on getting through all the common Object Classes, from most to least common. I've just completed the classic SEKT quartet: Safe, Euclid, Keter, and Thaumiel. Now to cultivate some esoteric class downvotes…

Oh, yeah, I've got OCD.1 So try not to be surprised when you notice how many hundreds of revisions my sandboxes and articles have.

43NET: Staff Profiles

Dr. Harold R. Blank: Specialist in physics (particularly optics) and history. Security clearance Level 4. Dr. Blank is known for his work with optical anomalies, his facility for archival research, and his inability to bring appropriate gravitas to official conversations and documentation.

No, I am not an old man. But he is! He's been putting out magic explosions since 2002, after all.

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