Totally Not: A Hub
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In the end, the only thing you leave behind in this world is your name. And what happens when that gets taken from you? ~Some guy.

Mark really screwed the pooch this time, and now Paul is paying the price. Their rent is nearly due and they no longer have the money to pay for that and their basic amenities. Luckily, Mark has a plan, a very stupid, long and awfully dark plan that tempts with forces well beyond what two anartists are capable of handling themselves. Paul on the other hand, just wants to keep the apartment. It's nice, and it's got a jacuzzi bathtub. But something is amiss, and Paul can barely see it.

At the Foundation, Dr. Alaina Chin is struggling with her familial bonds. Her brother, Ethan, is being investigated and will likely become an SCP despite her protests. Her sister Gytha works for the power-hungry, money-sucking elite, and her other sister Emilie recently started working for the Serpent's Hand. Something is amiss, and none of them can see it.

Meanwhile, Gytha Chin lost a promotion she more than deserved to someone significantly less qualified than her, and she is reasonably upset. After receiving orders from Mr. Marshall himself, she embarks on a journey to rid the world of two thieving anartists with extreme prejudice. Something is amiss, but she is too distracted to notice.

A vile perversion of nature sits just beneath everyone's feet staring up at them, waiting for its chance to seep into the world and enshroud it in its mass. The Void is lurking in every shadow, in every breath they take, in every crack in the ground. It will strike them all down one by one until there is nothing left. But how can they deal with a threat that no one knows is there?

Somewhere in the world, in the unchecked shadows of an old factory, someone is performing a ritual, and The Void sits patiently beneath them, waiting for its chance to surface. It was always there. A silent observer to every action that was made on the surface. It is leaking now and has been for quite a while. The creatures that fester within it have once again grown restless as more and more people exploit The Void for their own benefit. You know some of them as anomalies, anartists, or reality benders.

Your names mean nothing. The ritual is almost complete.

Your journey begins here:

Totally Not Porn
Guns Akimbo
Working at Cannibal Chin's

Cast & Crew

The world is full of people and subsequently full of different perspectives. Should you feel so inclined as to keep track of this rather obtusely large list of characters for your own nefarious purposes, save the tab. The Void will not judge you.

Marshall, Carter, and Dark

Mr. Marshall - A relatively mysterious figure, Mr. Marshall is one of the few that give direct orders in Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. that must be followed without hesitation. Mr. Marshall is responsible for the creation of the Enforcers, and as such has absolute influence and control over them.
Gytha Chin - An Enforcer that now (regretfully) works under Gerald. Gytha joined MC&D after finding her work at the GOC unsatisfying and underpaid. She is ruthlessly committed to her job and takes pleasure in torturing her targets.
Amir - An Enforcer, mentor to Gerald and Gytha. Amir is reserved, and not even those who are close to him know him that well. He handles his job with the utmost professionalism and very rarely expresses his emotions.
Gerald - The current Lead Enforcer, although no one is really sure how he got the position.

SCP Foundation

Dr. Alaina Chin - Psychological consult and researcher at the Foundation.
Ethan Chin - SCP-5980


Mark - An extremely confident anartist who has an unhealthy habit of sticking his fingers in the proverbial cookie jar. Mark likes to hide behind a shield of overconfidence and egotism, but what lies beneath is known only to him and one other person.
Paul - Honestly just some guy that's trying to get by. There is absolutely nothing remarkable about him.

Serpent's Hand

Emilie Chin - A new recruit of the Serpent's Hand, albeit a bit overeager and somewhat overzealous in her endeavors. Her heart's in the right place, most of the time, which puts her at odds against her older siblings.

The Voidwalkers

The Last Voidwalker - All the other ones are dead, so he's the last one. We'll worry about him later.

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