War's Art Box
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Welcome to my art box.
I haven't got much yet, but I'll likely be adding more to this as time goes on. For now, enjoy an odd little series I've started: 'Scarily Cute Pests', wherein I draw popular SCPs but stupid cute.

If you wonder what I use to draw, here's an overview of my tools and software:
Primary: iPad pro with apple pencil; Adobe Fresco
Secondary: WACOM Intuos Pro; Krita/FireAlpaca/PaintTool SAI/Photoshop CS6
3D Modelling: WACOM Intuos Pro; ZBrush
Traditional: Just about any bit of paper and pencils I can get a hold of

'Scarily Cute Pests' Series

Series I

Series II

Series III

Series IV

Series V

Series VI

Want To See Drawings Of Your Own Work?

I am open to commissions both SCP and non-SCP related! I am a university student studying very far away from home, and most likely any funds will go towards food, medications, and general living costs. If you like my work and would like to inquire about a commission, please contact me through IRC @ irc[.]scpwiki[.]com:6667 on #site19 (WarFang), as I do not respond to Wikidot correspondence.

Chibi Headshot Bust Waist-Up Fullbody Other
Sketch £4.00/h £9.30/h £9.30/h £9.30/h £9.30/h DEPENDENT
Flat-colour Sketch £4.00/h £9.30/h £9.30/h £9.30/h £10.30/h DEPENDENT
Clean Linework £5.00/h £9.30/h £9.30/h £10.30/h £11.30/h DEPENDENT
Linework w/ Flat Colour £5.00/h £9.30/h £10.30/h £11.30/h £13.30/h DEPENDENT
Linework w/ Colour & Shade £6.00/h £10.30/h £11.30/h £13.30/h £15.30/h DEPENDENT
Painted £7.50/h £11.30/h £13.30/h £15.30/h £17.30/h DEPENDENT

Rates charged in accordance with the UK Living Wage 2020/21 (£9.30/hour)

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