Dafydd Utica Foolfellow's Proposal
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Notice from the Records And Information Security Administration

On August 10th, 2023, at 5:14 PM local time, a lead-lined capsule appeared in the courtyard of Site-59, coated in an unidentified liquid with traces of human DNA. The capsule contained a USB thumb drive with the following documents.

This data is still being analyzed. Proceed with caution.


Due to irreversible personal circumstances on my end, this will be our only contact. Please do not ask for further information; no one will answer. Rest assured I have given you all I could to prepare you.

Since they are all related, I have applied the SCP-001 designation to all relevant anomalies and color-coded them. However, out of the following, SCP-001-BLUE was the only one originally called SCP-001.

On behalf of my new friends and I, good luck, and… goodbye.

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