Et Tam Deum Petivi Hub Page
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This is the hub page for the "Et Tam Deum Petivi" canon, a collection focusing on the lives of the agents of the Horizon Initiative. Here you will find background universe information and all tales and tale series taking place within the canon.

This canon is open for anyone to add to. One shots, ongoing series, it doesn't matter.

Tales and Tale Series

Mary-Ann and Salah (by Djoric)

Prologue: Just a Word to Me

1) Shepherds
2) Second Watch
3) People Look East
4) The Good of the Other
5) The Place Where Two Rivers Meet
6) Breakfast for Dinner
7) Crossing the Streams
8) The Tick Tock Gospel
9) Nor Gloom of Night Shall Stay
10) Agricola in Insula est Poeta
11) Empire of Dirt
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
12) The Settling Ash

Mud on the Carpet

When We Came Home

The Hope Lake School

Those Thin, Penultimate Hours (Djoric)
Down By the River (Djoric)
Excerpt of an Autobiography (Djoric)

Wolves (by Dmatix)

1) Tolerance
2) The Horizon Blues
3) The Man Comes Around

Writing on the Walls (by marslifeform)

1) The Written God
2) The Word and the Wolf

Shifting Gears (by Vincent_Redgrave)

1) Ignition:
Part One- The Artists

Chapterhouse 4 (By Ihpkmn)

Facts Concerning Team 15 of Chapterhouse 4 and the Black Book

The Book of Idolaters (By Din-Bidor)

Sins of the Mother
The Heart of Mekhane

Killers, Thieves, and Lawyers (By Ralliston)


The Verse

Key Themes

Timeline of Events

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