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One of the best instances of conceptualization of an anomalous location I've seen on here in a while, I think. Gripping, gut-punching ending that doesn't overstay its welcome. Overall just a very intelligent and enjoyable read, and I was especially intrigued by the sequence with the Foundation psychologist.


by CornPuffBuddhaCornPuffBuddha, 11 May 2021 13:50

Noting that you noted that we spoke in IRC

I know this is a long SCP, so maybe I could split it by doing the agent's story as a tale? But it feels kinda incomplete without her, tbh.
Thanks for reviewing my idea!

Good Luck :)

Re: Rewrite by Nipixel_PaxelNipixel_Paxel, 11 May 2021 13:19

Seeking Greenlights: Yes.

Page Type: SCP Article

Genre: Horror

Elevator Pitch: A telepathic Octopus is discovered in an anomalous well in an old town. The more the foundation studies the well, the stranger it gets…

Central Narrative: The foundation catches wind of an odd police report. The police were investigating a man reportedly talking from the bottom of a well when one fell into it. The officer almost instantly died. MTF Epsilon-6 is then dispatched to remove the well, sample the liquid, and make a cover story. They find an octopus inside, somehow capable of surviving the acidic substance, and label it SCP-XXXX-2.

Interviews with the octopus reveal that it had been in the well for around 6 months and it had no memory of anything that happened before that. Further experimentation on the well reveals that the “water” is actually blood from a creature not known to the foundation. Carbon dating of the bricks reveals it is thousands of years old, and contradicting evidence given by the townspeople hints towards possible antiemetic properties.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: While some of the parts of this are similar to some other SCPS, such as telepathic sea creatures, A smart octopus, and an anomalous well. I think adding it all together can create something unique. (this is not directly inspired by any of the SCPS mentioned above.)

Additional Notes: None.


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I apologize for the late response. I have been busy with exams.

I actually think I agree on the botanical army point. It makes the theming a bit more consistent and it reduces clutter in the article.

That second point was actually already the plan, as well.

I'm glad you enjoyed the idea. I struggled to get the wording under 400. I'm interested in also exploring all of the individual motivations for each GoI in the conflict getting in. Maybe MC&D wants to sell it, ORIA wants to destroy it because it's paganism, The Factory wants it for mass producing anomalous plants. I didn't put that in there but it would help guide the piece thematically in the correct direction possibly.

Thank you for your feedback.

Go right ahead! Given that the image was uploaded to Pixabay before they switched licenses, it would be under the Creative Commons 0 license, which is effectively Public Domain. Adding a licensebox is equally fine

As the original author, you have the right to make any edits you would like that aren't rulebreaking.

Once you are done, feel free to shoot me a PM, and I'll update the tags accordingly.

Licensing Staff Post by NaepicNaepic, 11 May 2021 13:00

Sorry if I’m necroposting a bit, I just wanted to say something.

Re: A theory by Nipixel_PaxelNipixel_Paxel, 11 May 2021 12:55

Sure! I just don't want either to be incomplete, so it'll be a little tough to do.

Re: Staff Post - Deletion Vote by HexickHexick, 11 May 2021 12:51

Noting that you noted that we spoke in IRC

I know this is a long SCP, so maybe I could split it by doing the agent's story as a tale? But it feels kinda incomplete without her, tbh.
Thanks for reviewing my idea!

Would have to be not knowing.

Sorry, if I created do many question is because I do have a LOT of them because I AM trying to make the Best God Damn SCP anomaly I could ever do
Sorry if it was annoying Zyn

I just wanna see what you think so far :D

Seeking Greenlights: No

Page Type: SCP Article

Genre: Spiritual

Elevator Pitch: a small forest in Ethiopia holds various flora and fauna classified to be extinct. Such as the Dodo bird, Tasmanian tiger, and Homo Neanderthal.

Central Narrative: this articles main narrative will be about a small grove housing numerous extinct animals linked to humans, including the giant sloth, dodo bird, and even Neanderthals. The grove attempts to keep humans out in a peaceful way, or get them out as quickly as possible. Such as a trail of berries leading them away. It will mostly be about natures way of “keeping balance” exaggerated by having it take an active part in protecting things that “didn’t make the evolutionary cut” because a CERTAIN species got a bit too hungry. It will mostly be full of anecdotes about how it keeps humans out, and how the animals inside live in unnatural harmony.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: I'm planning on using diagrams/photoshopped pictures to show the grove, such as a very primal man holding a dodo and so on.

Additional Notes: I'm actually very keen on critique for this SCP, so if you have any ideas on how I can better it please let me know!

Edens Guest Room by MrBlankFaceMrBlankFace, 11 May 2021 12:04

Summoned from IRC, but can't greenlight

This definitely feels like a concept worthy of the 6000con, but honestly I'll be incredibly impressed if you can pull it off by the deadline. 😅

One of my favourite proposals. I honestly don't know why so many people think it's not liked that much.

+1 by Siddartha AlonneSiddartha Alonne, 11 May 2021 10:10

all SCP workers who had died in the past year were found to be present in the structure

I actually recently asked about this whole "anti-Foundation" narrative trend, and the this bit very much has that tone. So let me ask you this: Why do you propose that all recently deceased Foundation personnel get "plugged" into this thing? "All" implies everyone from researchers, to MTFs, to accountants, to janitors. Are you saying that just being a Foundation employee makes you bad according to this thing's judgement? If so, why? I assume the answer would likely be deeply rooted in the ideologies of whoever built it, even if they don't know about the Foundation (though the effect implies otherwise, to me). I am genuinely curious what your reason behind this is.

Everyone has a different view of how they would wish to portray the Foundation, no matter how many people are seemingly on board with the cold not cruel aspect. I don't think I was around to glance through what those "bolted on notes" contained exactly, but I personally just believe that some would wish to have some form of conflict by introducing a new character that is seemingly misaligned with the Foundation's general take on anomalies in an attempt to make it seem like a dramatic foreshadowing to something. While those attempts may have led to dismal results, I can't really blame them or pin the whole trend of dunking on the Foundation onto them — it could also be due to other circumstantial factors like SCP:CB, Control and other affiliated games.

I'm the original author of SCP-432 and I was wondering if I'm allowed to add a new image to the article seeing how the original one was removed for being unsourced.

I've found a nice free stock image here that would work well IMO.

I'd also like to add an licencing/citation box to the article, seeing how a few games have been made of my SCP over the years.

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