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Item #: SCP-2085

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2085 is contained within a modified Type-05 Humanoid Containment Unit. No attempts to isolate or remove SCP-2085-1 are authorized until SCP-2085's containment implants can be effectively replicated. In the case of SCP-2085-1 overcoming SCP-2085's containment implants, SCP-2085 and SCP-2085-1 are to be terminated.

SCP-2085 requires a liquid diet, to the specifics outlined in Document 2085-MED.

All instances of SCP-2085-A are to be contained within separate Type-05 Humanoid Containment Units. Wireless signal jammers are to be installed in the surrounding area to prevent communication between specimens. SCP-2085-A specimens are to be sedated and restrained before removal from containment chambers, or in any situation requiring entry to the containment chamber.

Description: SCP-2085 is a male human of indeterminate ethnicity between 40 and 55 years of age, measuring 1.7 meters in height and weighing 68 kilograms. SCP-2085 is in generally poor health, with conditions including vitamin D deficiency (now lessened due to changes in diet), acute radiation syndrome (symptoms indicate at least three doses of ~2 Gy), and heavy scarring from severe and repeated skin ulceration. SCP-2085 is fluent in English and is generally cooperative with staff. SCP-2085 wears an S1035 ACES1 at all times, generally accompanied by a bathrobe and red felt wizard's hat. SCP-2085 has been permitted to retain possession of these items to encourage cooperation.

SCP-2085 has undergone significant cybernetic and genetic enhancement, including:

• Adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract for a liquid diet. Esophageal input port and waste output port are integrated into the suit.
• Skin modifications to regulate sweat and reduce abrasion damage from extended suit usage.
• Modification of sebaceous sweat glands to secrete an artificial biofilm to aid in skin regeneration. This biofilm additionally gives SCP-2085 a strong scent of mint.
• Replacement of 11 missing digits.
• Containment implants for SCP-2085-1.

See Document 2085-EXP for extended information on all known enhancements.

These modifications appear to have been accrued over a long period of time from a variety of sources. For example, many parts of the SCP-2085-1 containment implants have been replaced or modified, and the three replacement fingers on the left hand are all of different design and quality. According to SCP-2085, the oldest of these implants date to 2010, with the most recent dating to three weeks before recovery.

SCP-2085-1 is a fibrous mass of motile, self-replicating carbon nanomaterials inhabiting SCP-2085’s chest cavity, with growths protruding into the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spinal cord, and left lung. The growth of the SCP-2085-1 and its consumption of SCP-2085’s body tissues has been impeded through the addition of various containment implants used to sever communication between growth sections and control nodes, and counter the replication process.

SCP-2085-1’s rate of replication without the influence of these containment implants is unknown: SCP-2085-1’s periods of activity occur, on average, once every three months. The process lasts for up to fifteen minutes and causes SCP-2085 intense pain. SCP-2085 has claimed to communicate with SCP-2085-1 during periods of activity, though this claim has not been verified.

SCP-2085-A is a group of five augmented female humans of Japanese origin, designated SCP-2085-A-1 through SCP-2085-A-5. SCP-2085-A instances are genetically identical, and measure between 1.9 and 2 meters in height and between 70 and 95 kilograms in weight. Variables in height and weight have been attributed to the augmentation process. Subjects are fluent in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, Russian, and English and are generally uncooperative with staff. Eight escape attempts by SCP-2085-A were made between initial containment and ██/██/2013, with no successes. SCP-2085-A-4 in particular has attempted five of the eight attempts. No further attempts were made after ██/██/2013.

As with SCP-2085, SCP-2085-A specimens display an array of genetic and cybernetic enhancements, including:

• Cosmetic genetic splices of Felis catus physiology, including ears, tails, and hair coloration. Tails are prehensile and capable of holding small objects.
• Grip pads located on the hands and feet.
• Retractable blades in the fingers and knuckles.
• Ocular implants with thermal vision, heads-up display, and recording equipment
• Carbon-nanoweave muscle fiber augmentation and reinforced endoskeleton
• Wireless communication suite with local tactical network
• Drug glands providing pain dampening, heightened sensory awareness, and altered pheromones.

SCP-2085-A implants are of a higher quality than those found in SCP-2085, and show no signs of modification after installation. Implants are uniform in design, indicating a single source.

See Document SCP-2085-A-EXP for further information on SCP-2085-A specimens.

SCP-2085 and SCP-2085-A have been linked to numerous criminal operations occurring between 2010 and 2013, including smuggling, theft, kidnapping, extortion, possession of fissile materials, corporate sabotage, embezzlement, copyright infringement, piracy, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, and tax evasion. The targets of these operations have been almost exclusively criminal organizations. SCP-2085’s area of operations consisted primarily in Russia, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The location of SCP-2085’s base of operations, if extant, is unknown, as are connections to any other groups. The recovered assets of the group consist solely of equipment held upon recovery.

SCP-2085 and SCP-2085-A were initially recovered on ██/██/2013 in Kowloon, Hong Kong, during a heist carried out by the group against the Sun Yee On triad. The incident was blamed on inter-gang violence initiated by the rival 14K triad.

Document 2085-A-EXP

Height: 1.95 m
Weight: 83 kg
Hair: Calico
Notes: Sleeve tattoo on right arm, prominent facial scar. Presumed second-in-command to SCP-2085.2

Entry interview

Researcher ██████: Please state your name for the record.

SCP-2085-A-1: Major Motoko Kusanagi3 representing the Black Rabbit Company.

Researcher ██████: Can you explain what it is that your company does?

SCP-2085-A-1: We’re an employee-owned private security group. In plain speech, we do everything. Security, deliveries, birthday parties…

Researcher ██████: Birthday parties?

SCP-2085-A-1: Long story, complete disaster.

Researcher ██████: Indeed. Could you elaborate on any of these?

SCP-2085-A-1: No. Let’s be honest here: Both of our respective organizations are of sketchy legality on the best of days. It’s obvious, there's no use denying it. You don’t trust us, and we certainly aren’t going to trust you. With that in mind, it would be best for us to just go our separate ways.

Researcher ██████: I’m afraid that’s not possible at this time.

SCP-2085-A-1: Suit yourself.

Interview recorded on ██/██/2014.

<Log begins>

Researcher ██████: Thank you for speaking with us, A-1.

SCP-2085-A-1: Don’t thank me too soon. Wizard’s going to try something.

Researcher ██████: How do you know?

SCP-2085-A-1: We’ve been here for four months now. He’ll be getting stir-crazy. You can probably see the signs now. He’s talking less, avoiding questions, acting jumpy, pacing around his room, bored out of his mind.

[Folds hands]

I’ll lay it out plain. We in the Company have got a lot of dreams, and Wizard is no exception. Dreams cost a lot of money. Money can’t be made with everyone sitting on their asses in here. Four months is too long, long enough that things start falling apart and plans start falling behind schedule. Now, I'm a patient woman, I can play the waiting game, but Wizard? The longer he’s holed up in here, the more likely it is he’ll try being the big hero and plotting a way out. It’s practically a guarantee by this point.

Researcher ██████: What do you think he’ll do?

SCP-2085-A-1: Something stupid. Something loud and obvious and terribly stupid. Something that’ll get him kicked in the teeth quick. He’s a bigger danger to himself than anyone else when he gets like this.

Researcher ██████: We’ll put him under increased surveillance.

SCP-2085-A-1: Thanks. And, if you could, tell him we’re doing all right. That, and ‘Goddamn raisins.’

Researcher ██████: Excuse me?

SCP-2085-A-1: It’s nothing. Just a joke between us.

<End log>

██/██/2014: upon review of SCP-2085-A-1's statement and observation of SCP-2085's behavior, increased surveillance of SCP-2085 has been authorized by Site Director ██████████.

Addendum-02: The following log was recorded on ██/██/2013.

<Log begins>

Researcher ██████: SCP-2085, could we ask you a few questions?

SCP-2085: Mm? Oh. Yeah. Sure. Hold on a tic.

[SCP-2085 puts on bathrobe and wizard hat, moves chair to interview window, and sits down]

SCP-2085: There we go. Ask away.

Researcher ██████: All right. First, we were wondering if you’d be able to tell us about your history: your name, where you’re from, basic information like that.

SCP-2085: Uh… I’m a space wizard, I come from space.

Researcher ██████: That’s not particularly helpful, SCP-2085.

SCP-2085: Look, it isn’t important. I’m an average guy from an average background. If Joe Everyman and John Doe were a gay couple who adopted a kid, I would be the next door neighbor who doesn’t even get a mention in the newspaper.

Researcher ██████: Very well. With that out of the way, we were wondering if you could tell us about your assistants.

SCP-2085: Oh, the girls? They’re the best, aren’t they? You would not believe the scraps they’ve gotten me out of. There was this one time in Moscow, when-

Researcher ██████: We can save that for another time. We’re more interested in how you came across them.

SCP-2085: [Sigh] That’s something of an interesting story. I wasn’t in a good place in my life around then. Running around, trying to fix all this shit, [Taps chest] wondering if there was any purpose at all or if I should just give up and die. Scraped by with implants from some pretty shady characters. One of them turned out to make custom jobs for corporate execs who wanted some muscle or rich perverts who wanted sex toys. I was at the clinic to get some new parts, and when I'm going through the installation process, BOOM! Big explosion and those five come barging out guns blazing. I just start booking it with my chest half open, because when a six-foot-four two-hundred-ten pound Japanese woman with an assault rifle barges through the wall, you run. Following this is a long series of shenanigans wherein we met up, split up, meet up again, get shot at by the guy's business partners, shoot back at the guy's business partners, save each others' lives multiple times, [As an aside] mostly them hauling my ass out of the fire [Aside ends], steal a boat and high-tail it out of Japan.

We whipped up the charter for the Black Rabbit Company on our first night out of the country, right there on the boat. It was their idea, I just got kinda roped in as the face of the operation because of my rugged good looks and natural charisma. Not like I could do all the physical stuff anyway. But it was right then, as we were working out the details of everything, that I got inspired. One of those once-in-a-lifetime life-changing inspirations. They fought back against the shit life threw at them. I could too. So I did. I wasn't some guy dying from some freaky cancer in his chest: I was the Space Wizard.


And we've been friends ever since. Don't know what I'd do without them. Probably end up dead. You better be treating them well.

Researcher ██████: We are.

SCP-2085: Good.

Researcher ██████: Could you explain to us the entity currently living inside you?

SCP-2085: Ah. Red. Long story there.

Researcher ██████: We have time.

SCP-2085: I’ll keep it short, anyway. Basically, this thing, Red, it’s my opposite. My sort of evil twin. Fell from the sky in a meteorite a few winters back. Red’s got no hope left, no more room for dreams, and all it can do is leech and wait. Nothing but despair left for Red, so anyone having hope, anyone having dreams, it hates that. That’s the nutshell.

Researcher ██████: Mmmm. One last question: why the costume?

SCP-2085: This? Easy. It’s a symbol. Super-hero thing. It helps people believe easier, because symbols and icons are easier to believe in than people, a lot of the time. The world doesn’t like letting people believe in people, so they have to make do with symbols.

Like, just look at a bunch of kids playing pretend on the playground. They see the world, look out at it, and then go ‘No, fuck you world, I’m going to make something better, I’m going to be something better.’ They aren't going to laugh at the space wizards and cyborg catgirls, because they want to be the space wizards and cyborg catgirls. They're going to build spaceships and go to the moon and let nothing get in their way. Then they grow up, and find out that the world is built on broken dreams. They give their dreams to the world to find a place in the machine and the world tells them to build a box. They stick themselves in the box and sit there until they die, and the boxes go on until the universe ends. That's the box the girls were fighting against. That's the box I'm fighting against. We're going to be what the rest of the world could be, do what the rest of the world could do, take all those dreams and bring them back. If we need to get our hands dirty, so be it. The world is dirty and we have to deal with it until we can make something better. We're going to remind the world what it's like to not live inside a box.

<End log>

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