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Item #: SCP-2676

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Observation Room 145-B of Site-25 has been equipped with a magnification device. A perimeter of 50 meters must be maintained between SCP-2676 and all dormitories.1 Testing requires Level 3 authorization. Should SCP-2676 activate outside of authorized testing, Site-25 should be placed on Level-1 lockdown until both Alpha subjects can be located. Further action can be taken at the Site Director's discretion. No anomalous objects pertaining to sleep or dreams should be stored in the same site as SCP-2676.

Description: SCP-2676 is a coffee-style table, 1.5 x 0.8 x 0.5 meters in dimension, composed of African blackwood. The top and sides have inserts made of lead crystal. Visible within the center of the table is a miniature cityscape, composition unknown. Buildings range in size from 0.5-3.2 cm in height; most are in a state of disrepair or have been heavily damaged. The infrastructure is cracked and crumbling, with numerous areas blocked by rubble and fallen debris. On the bottom of the table, the words "For S" have been inscribed; a series of scratches after the S suggests the original inscription was longer.

When SCP-2676 is inactive, its interior occasionally displays multicolored lights with no discernible source. These lights are always present when SCP-2676 is in its active phase. No pattern is otherwise obvious, and inversion of the table when SCP-2676 is inactive will cause the lights to vanish; righting the object causes flakes appearing to be ash to fall over the city for a period of upward of 8 minutes.2

SCP-2676 enters its active state when at least two individuals, designated Alpha subjects, enter stage 2 sleep at approximately the same time3, within 45 meters of the object. Alpha subjects unanimously4 report restful, dreamless sleep.

During its active state, the interior of SCP-2676 will manifest three entities: SCP-2676-A and two instances of SCP-2676-B. SCP-2676-B manifests as two humans, typically (>75% of tests) with appearance similar to the Alpha subjects, though miniaturized in scale with the buildings. SCP-2676-A is an independent humanoid apparition which does not vary in appearance across manifestations.

SCP-2676-A will attempt to chase down and capture SCP-2676-B, whereupon the latter will demanifest. If both simulacra are captured, the Alpha subjects will wake violently; otherwise, all entities will demanifest upon subjects' normal waking. SCP-2676-A has been successful in capturing both SCP-2676-B in more than two-thirds of tests, owing to its speed, ability to levitate, and knowledge of the layout of the city within SCP-2676. SCP-2676-A is also assisted by multicolored spotlights emanating via unknown methods from the roof of SCP-2676, which track SCP-2676-B whenever they are out of cover.

Upon waking, Alpha subjects report greater emotional attachment toward one another, regardless of previous acquaintanceship. These feelings have manifested as friendship in 83% of tests, and love in 44%. Of note, romantic feelings do not develop counter to subjects' sexual orientations; tests where such feelings are unrequited have only occurred when subjects' orientations are incompatible.

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