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Item #: SCP-2782

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance and a perimeter of SCP-2782 are to be monitored at all times. Although SCP-2782 has not yet proven itself to be outwardly hostile, the door to the room should be guarded by at least two armed personnel at all times.

Description: SCP-2782 is the designation for the skeletal remains of 28 kakapo chicks discovered in a partially flooded chamber beneath the Niwareka research facility. Fractures and burns on the skeletons evince the objects were crushed with sudden blunt force and incinerated. The remains retain their original structure and physical composition despite damage. The skeletons are at times ambulatory and capable of vocalizations.

SCP-2782-1 through SCP-2782-28 “reset” at 10:55 PM (NZST) to their original positions within the chamber even under circumstances where the objects are damaged or located elsewhere. SCP-2782 will move if their resting positions are obstructed.

SCP-2782 are sentient and capable of altering matter within the chamber. SCP-2782 moved outside of the chamber are still capable of manipulating matter inside of the chamber. The objects have not been shown to be capable of altering anything outside of the perimeter of the chamber; there is no discernible material, failsafe, or external force that propagates this effect.

SCP-2782 will commit to the act of completely consuming the flesh of incapacitated or otherwise deceased subjects within the chamber; matter is discarded immediately due to their lack of digestive systems.

Entities consumed inside of the chamber will reappear inside of the chamber three days later. Discarded matter from previous "feedings" remains and is not affected by resets of the SCP-2782 chamber.

SCP-2782-X was the tentative designation for eight men who were subject to the effects of SCP-2782 from 1996 to present. The men themselves are anomalous by proxy of SCP-2782. Further information on the subjects can be found in the provided Addenda.


After an extended period of inactivity, the chamber containing SCP-2782 spontaneously manifested 52,561 fish. SCP-2782 appears ambivalent. Reasons for these manifestations are currently unknown.

Series: Holy Science

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