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Item #: SCP-3041

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3041 is to be kept in a secure locker on-site. Researchers are not to hold SCP-3041 or allow it to come in contact with their bare skin.

As of 05-22-2015, all access to SCP-3041 is prohibited pending further review. Furthermore, until this review is complete, the information below should be regarded as outdated and possibly inaccurate.

Description: SCP-3041 is a 12-centimeter iron knife of unidentified origin with a hilt wrapped in braided leather. Radiometric dating shows inconclusive results for the age of the blade, but indicates the hilt was added within the past two centuries. The knife's surface is rust-colored and smells of spoiled meat. Despite extensive analysis, a source for this odor has yet to be determined.

SCP-3041 exhibits its anomalous property only once it has been held by a sapient subject for a certain period of time. The length of time required to trigger SCP-3041's effect varies widely; the underlying mechanism remains unknown.

Once SCP-3041 has activated, subjects will eventually experience a dream wherein they use SCP-3041 to attack one or more persons, removing and consuming their hearts. This dream is set wherever the subject initially held SCP-3041, and typically involves victims one would expect to find in this setting. In all cases, subjects do not recognize their victims. No victim is known to correlate with an actual person (alive or dead).

Subjects will often continue to have recurrences of this dream with little variation. Though amnestics reduce or even eliminate these occurrences, most subjects continue to show signs of emotional distress, guilt, and psychological trauma associated with PTSD. SCP-3041's effect can be triggered multiple times, producing new dreams in each case.

SCP-3041 was found among the personal effects of Daniel Crenshall, an elderly recluse and collector of historical antiques who committed suicide on 02-15-1987. SCP-3041's anomalous nature was discovered when, in reviewing the contents of Mr. Crenshall's collection, a researcher began experiencing dreams similar to those described in Mr. Crenshall's suicide note.

Addendum 3041.1: Attachments

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