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Item #: SCP-4612

Object Class: Uncontained


Eckhart House

Special Containment Procedures: Due to extreme difficulty relocating SCP-4612-A, a perimeter maintained by a barbed wire fence has been established around Provisional Site-91. The Site is a converted 18th Century manor in Yorkshire, England, commonly referred to as Eckhart House. Any unauthorized individuals found at Provisional Site-91 are to be interrogated for any possible connection to Group of Interest ALPHA-019 ("Serpent's Hand"). Members of the Serpent's Hand are to be processed by the Ethics Committee.

SCP-4612-B is uncontained at this time, as its whereabouts are unknown. Foundation webcrawler I/O METATRON is to scrub all social media and internet postings for mentions of a figure fitting description of SCP-4612-B. Mobile Task Force Beta-777 (“Hecate’s Spear”) are to be notified of sightings of SCP-4612-B.

Description: SCP-4612 refers to two related anomalies. SCP-4612-A is the body of a large limaciform invertebrate, consisting of white translucent flesh with elastic texture. The body shows no sign of decay despite centuries having passed since estimated time of death. The cadaver is ten meters in length, one meter in width, and lying atop a stone altar. The cadaver’s anatomy includes six human arm shaped structures measuring 3 meters in length. Each arm terminates at a hand with ten digits and a crystal structure in the palm. A flexible fin travels down the length of SCP-4612-A.

There is a lengthwise, posthumously executed incision along the underside of the cadaver. The cadaver’s blood is bright blue and uncoagulated. SCP-4612-A emits considerable amounts of Akiva radiation.1 The cadaver has emitted a steady increase in its radiation for unknown reasons since its discovery.

SCP-4612-A is housed in an underground structure beneath Provisional Site-91. The door to the vault is located on the exterior of Eckhart House and leads to an underground structure beneath the wine cellar. The door is inscribed with thaumaturgical glyphs which, at one time, induced a mild cognitohazard causing the viewer to ignore the entryway.

The underground structure is constructed of stone blocks, many of which are charred and warped from heat. Cuneiform glyphs of unknown thaumaturgical purpose are etched onto the surface of many of the stone blocks.

SCP-4612-B is a humanoid entity 1.75 meters tall of average build, with eyes that glow a bright blue. SCP-4612-B has demonstrated the ability to manipulate thermal energy and exhibited anomalous strength far beyond what is expected given its height and build. SCP-4612-B has referred to SCP-4612-A as its father, despite being two distinct species. See Incident 4612-1.


Entrance to underground vault housing SCP-4612-A.

SCP-4612-A was discovered on December 19, 1986 when Foundation agents surveilling a known member of the Serpent’s Hand (designated as POI-39978K) followed POI-39978K onto the grounds of Eckhart House. Agents observed POI-39978K perform an unknown thaumaturgical ritual and enter the door to the underground structure housing SCP-4612-A. The agents then pursued and witnessed POI-39978K kneeling before the remains, weeping. Upon seeing SCP-4612-A, Foundation agents detained POI-39978K and called for reinforcements.

MTF-Beta-777 mobilized from Site-06-03, arriving roughly 8 hours after Foundation personnel reported the anomaly. MTF-Beta-777 are specially trained in thaumaturgical countermeasures and always staffed with at least two Class-A thaumatologists. MTF personnel were accompanied by Agent Rebekah Douglas, Level-3 psychometrist.2


Thaumaturgical glyphs etched into the stone passageway leading to SCP-4612-A

Survey of the site revealed no obvious anomalies other than the cadaver of SCP-4612-A. The corpses of 23 human males of various ages were found surrounding SCP-4612-A. Most of the corpses were significantly desiccated, charred and had skeletal structures partially incinerated. Several of the corpses were dismembered due to blunt force trauma. Agent Douglas noted substantial psychic trauma present in all human remains on site.


William Henry Eckhart approximately a year prior to the meteor strike and his disappearance.

Historical Context

The individual referenced by POI-39978K is believed to be William Henry Eckhart, initial owner and resident master of Eckhart House. Eckhart was an active member in several occult societies and held regular meetings of such societies at his home.

Eckhart made his fortune mining iron and copper. Local historians have theorized that he was investing in the burgeoning movement towards industrial revolution.

Records from the Yorkshire Historical Society mention a “meteor strike” occurring on the evening of September 17, 1779, causing significant damage to the House. The structure does not currently exhibit damage commensurate with such an event. Mr. Eckhart was last seen by his servants entering his library on the morning of the meteor strike and was considered dead after the incident. No mention of the underground structure or SCP-4612-A are made in the historical record. Local legends note that a man made of fire was seen walking out of the ruined house after the impact.5

The following letter from Eckhart was retrieved in a raid upon a Serpent’s Hand stronghold. Relevance to this entry was not clear until full cataloging of the documents retrieved during the raid was completed.

Examination of SCP-4612-A
Attempts to move SCP-4612-A have been unsuccessful. The corpse exhibits density far beyond what is to be expected by cursory examination, estimated to weigh over 26,000 kg. The altar where the body lies is assessed as anomalous given its ability to hold the body without losing structural integrity. Dr. Varga has decided that attempting to move the corpse would not nearly be as cost effective as testing on site. It is for this reason that Provisional Site-91 was established.

Given the lack of information physical testing produced about SCP-4612-A, Agent Douglas submitted a proposal to Dr. Varga to use psychometry to scan the remains.

Agent Douglas spent 5 weeks in recuperation. In that time, she was rarely conscious. A figure resembling SCP-4612-B was seen entering Douglas’ room on video surveillance 36 days after her collapse. Security staff was mobilized and sent to Douglas’ recuperation quarters, but there was no sign of SCP-4612-B. When security staff approached Agent Douglas, she was alert but had a thumbprint on her forehead just above the bridge of her nose. Medical personnel were unable to clean the mark from her skin.

During debriefing, Douglas was asked to recount any discussion with SCP-4612-B prior to arrival of security staff. Douglas reported that SCP-4612-B claimed she was only alive because she was merely investigating. Additionally, Agent Douglas claimed significant interference of her psychometry, as all she could sense were the following words being repeated: “Eckhart died for a reason.”

The search for SCP-4612-B is ongoing.

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