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Item #: SCP-4678

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4678 is to be kept in a secure locker at Armed Site-47 for use in Project XN-Saving Grace.

Description: SCP-4678 is a blue-tinted disk of igneous rock, measuring 30cm in diameter and 2.5cm in depth containing trace amounts of saltpeter. The face of SCP-4678 is carved with a modified version of Astaroth's Seal. SCP-4678 can be used with a prepared ritual to allow time travel exclusively to the future to a determined pivotal or defining moment of an individual or item that is present (See Testing Log #01-C).

SCP-4678 was discovered on July 12th, 2001 and recovered on August 5th, 2001 from an estate in Romania a week after it was purchased by Florin Tudor from Marshall, Carter & Dark. Tudor was found deceased in the estate by Foundation operatives sent to recover the object, the cause of death being identified as an intentional overdose. A small booklet was found on his body describing SCP-4678's effects and how to use it.

Addendum: Revised Description (September 18th, 2004)

SCP-4678 is a small shard of blue-tinted igneous rock measuring 11.1cm long. The stone is completely inert following Incident Epsilon-Inversion and has been reclassified as Neutralized.

SCP-4678 Testing Log #01-C: August 12th, 2001

Subject: SCP-4678, D-82732-CZ

Procedure: D-82732-CZ's execution warrant was signed on September 3rd, 2001 at 3:32 PM, with his execution scheduled for September 3rd, 2001 at 5 PM. D-82732-CZ was informed of this and then locked in the chamber with SCP-4678 and guided through the initialization ritual.

Results: Upon completion of the ritual, the markings on SCP-4678 glowed white briefly, and it and D-82732-CZ vanished. Five minutes later at 3:57 PM, D-82732-CZ and SCP-4678 reappeared. D-82732-CZ bore three gunshot wounds in the abdomen however medical staff were able to stabilize him. SCP-4678 Head Researcher Doctor Charles ordered the planned execution to be continued and at 4:50 PM D-82732-CZ was brought into the execution chamber and strapped to a chair for a lethal injection execution. At 4:57 PM, D-82732-CZ appeared in a closet in the Wing and managed to knock a security guard unconscious and steal his pistol. At 4:59 PM, D-82732-CZ entered the execution chamber and shot two security personnel before being shot in the abdomen three times, and vanishing. Doctor Charles then called off the execution and declared the Experiment concluded.

Analysis: The ritual described in SCP-4678-Info seems to be accurate. The object took D-82732-CZ forwards to a pivotal moment in his life- meeting himself. Further testing is required to determine the exact limitations of this object. I believe it has greater applications for the Foundation at large. -Doctor Charles.

A request was filed with the Ethics Committee to investigate this incident. Vetoed by the Site Director and O5-7.

Project Shepherds Mission 001-P Transcript: November 3rd, 2001

Project Shepherds Mission 005-P Transcript: December 20th, 2001

Incident Epsilon-Inversion

Object Use Request: August 5th, 2004

O5 Council,
I am writing to you on behalf of Researcher Coles in regards to the XN-Saving Grace Project. Our research is nearing completing, and projections indicate a mathematical feasibility to the devices purpose. However while investigating for similar anomalies to study for the project Coles was made aware of SCP-4678 and is requesting 4/4678 Clearance to fully read the report and access diagnostics. I am forwarding this request directly. The mistakes of the past must be learned from, so that we do not repeat them again in the present.
-Site-47 Director Einsen

Director Einsen,
Your request has been approved. I had even considered bringing Researcher Coles into the know prior, but it must have slipped my mind. SCP-4678, along with all relevant documents and information will be moved to Armed Site-47 for Project XN-Saving Grace- What a cruelly ironic name that.

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