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SCP-5634's site of recovery.

Item #: SCP-5634

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All information relating to SCP-5634's discovery has been expunged from public records by the American Secure Containment Initiative. SCP-5634 is to be kept in cold storage at Site-17's Anomalous Humanoid containment Wing at all times. The axe recovered alongside SCP-5634 is currently on display at Site-17's Museum of Historical Abnormalities.

Description: SCP-5634 is the remains of a massive humanoid entity, measuring 3.5 meters in height and weighing approximately 200 kilograms. The entity is believed to have expired around one century prior to discovery, and is thought to have been in its early thirties at the time of death. Damage to the skull suggests the entity experienced severe cranial trauma at an early age, and the cause of death is believed to have been heart failure. A large axe measuring 80 cm in height was found buried alongside SCP-5634.

SCP-5634 was discovered by an archeological team led by Dr. George Warboys in 1910, outside the small settlement of Bunyan, West Virginia. The incident gained significant press attention, resulting in an investigation by the American Secure Containment Initiative1 After confirming SCP-5634 to be genuine, the ASCI implemented a cover story claiming that the remains were part of an elaborate hoax orchestrated by Dr. Warboys, who was later forced to resign from his position at the Bunyan Archeological Institute.

While the precise origins of SCP-5634 are unclear, an entity of similar description (most commonly known as 'Big Bartie') features prominently in North American folklore. Using data compiled from various early twentieth century sources, researchers in the Foundation Department of Mythology and Folkloristics provided the following account of various legends thought to relate to SCP-5634:

Big Bartie

Historically, it was rumored amongst both the indigenous and colonial communities that Mount Kilroy in Maine was inhabited by a race of fearsome giants, the smallest of which, a child named Bartie, was subject to relentless teasing and mockery from his peers due to his short stature. Eventually, the boy decided to consume all the food in his parents' house, in the hopes of increasing his height. When Bartie's father came home from work to find an empty pantry, he became enraged, throwing his son off the side of Mount Kilroy, where he would land hard on his head outside the city of Arthursville, losing all memory of his previous life.

It is claimed that Bartie was discovered by a kindly old widow named Mary, who took the boy in, feeding and clothing him, and giving him the name 'Bartholomew' in honour of her late son, who was killed in the Revolutionary War. As Bartie grew older and Mary was no longer able to care for him, he headed west, seeking work as a lumberjack. As no animal was capable of carrying the giant's immense weight, it is claimed that Big Bartie instead created his own steed out of snow (a moose, popularly known as 'Frostbite'), using buttons as eyes, and tree trunks for antlers. Frostbite is said to have become animate after its creator made a wish upon sighting a shooting star, and is described as being capable of using its icy breath to freeze animals in their tracks.

A number of natural landmarks are attributed to Big Bartie, including the Pennacook River (said to have been formed after the giant fell asleep beside a hilltop, with his saliva forming its waters). It is similarly claimed that when a jackrabbit laughed at Big Bartie's boots for being too small for his feet, the giant responded by kicking the creature to the Moon's surface, thus explaining the rabbit-shaped markings on the lunar surface.

Some variations tie Big Bartie's story into that of Little Lucy, a similar legendary figure, described as being only a few inches in height (with her short stature often attributed to her mother being frightened by a mouse whilst pregnant). The giant is said to have discovered Lucy after she was captured and detained by members of a circus, subsequently freeing her. It is claimed that the two went on to marry, with Little Lucy residing in her husband's navel.

Relatively little has been written of Big Bartie's demise, with one source claiming the giant, unaccustomed to the Earth's air, ultimately died of respiratory failure. It is said that Frostbite died shortly after its creator, melting into water, and forming Wilson Lake in Virginia.

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