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Item #: SCP-5938

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent the trigger of its cognitohazard effects, the true nature of SCP-5938 is to remain unknown by the Foundation's personnel. It is a consensus among the majority of the researchers that this is the most efficient way to prevent the anomaly from spreading itself, as currently, it appears to remain under control.

Any individuals who are possibly related to SCP-5938 occurrences, or to SCP-5938's victims, are to be captured for observation for a period of 30 days and treated with amnestics before being released. Moreover, they are not to be exposed to images, writings, and personal objects of possible victims of SCP-5938 under any circumstances.

One security guard is to monitor the surroundings of Site-901 at all times, in order to prevent invasions by civilians, and explorations within the facility are currently prohibited.

Description: SCP-5938 is the designation of a series of anomalous disappearances of individuals between the years 2004 and 2012. The connection between its victims is that in none of the cases, close relatives or friends of these individuals are able to remember their former existences, claiming that they never met these subjects.

It is believed that the cause behind SCP-5938 occurrences is a antimemetic hazard of unknown origins, and it appears to have affected even the Foundation itself in the past. (See Discovery section for details.)

Discovery: The Foundation became aware of SCP-5938's existence in March of 2012 when a logistics specialist from Site-19 noticed within the Foundation's database a register regarding a facility designated as "Site-901", located in Florida, which apparently was formerly a Foundation facility focused on investigating cases of mysterious disappearances of civilians, although none of the other researchers from Site-19, including the Site Director, were able to recognize or remember said Site's existence.

Immediately after the discovery, a team of Agents aided by members of MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") was deployed to investigate the location. Within 3 days of investigations, the team found a number of documents related to the employees who used to work within the facility, however, no registers regarding these individuals were found within the Foundation's database, and their existences were not able to be confirmed. However, a transcript of an interview conducted with an individual who apparently was affected by SCP-5938 was discovered within the Site-901 Director's personal computer. As no memetic effects were observed upon reading, said interview was deemed safe to be included within this document.

Addendum 1: By order of the O5 Council, further investigation of Site-901 was prohibited on the 4th day after its initial discovery, as it was deemed by most of the Council members as too risky not only for the Foundation itself but the whole human race. However, further exploration might be considered if further occurrences of SCP-5938 are registered. The number of individuals around the world who might be affected by SCP-5938 currently is unknown.

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