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To assist in study and response to an emergent containment scenario, all Applied Metaphysics, Tactical Theology, and Counterconceptual personnel have been provided express access to the following documents. The relevant security clearance has been temporarily lowered from LEVEL 5: TOP SECRET to LEVEL 4: SECRET.

Recipients of this file should also have been briefed on its contents. If you believe you have received this file in error, contact your Supervisor and/or Site Director and cease reading immediately.

Proposed scenario responses and/or additional data requests are to be directed to Dr. Sandrah Milton & Dr. John Blake, Co-Leads of PROJECT DEICIDIUM.

Item#: SCP-6659
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Mobile Site-184/A, Site-184 Applied Metaphysics, Tactical Theology,
Counterconceptual, Decommissioning
Captain S. Jones Dr. Sandrah Milton,
Dr. John Blake

ADDENDUM 6659/I: Theological Context



On Worship

Gods exist because we believe in them, and to make us believe in them. The very nature of our relationship with the divine is reciprocal: we create beings of parahuman ability, whom we then elevate beyond ourselves and imbue with significance; these beings, in turn, rely on this recognition to define the scope and breadth of their influence and existence.

Fundamental to this dynamic is the act of worship: an expression of recognition that embodies the deity in the psychosphere..Antiquated term for Nöosphere. While gods are real, their existence is derived from, and contained within, the realm of human thought; their measurable manifestations in the physical world are restricted to the formation of totemic avatars..Jollymore, Deific Manifestations: Past & Present, 1988. Despite this limitation, such conceptual entities are capable of enacting change in the physical world around us, and frequently do so to varying extents: performing miraculous acts, manifesting their presence through omens, and bestowing boons upon chosen acolytes. The extent and nature of these direct interactions are shaped by, and reflect, the worship a deific entity receives from human or non-human persons. The wills and capabilities of deific entities directly correlate both to the perception of such by humans, as well as their conceptual topography within the psychosphere. We created gods, and in doing so offered them the power and influence to shape their own image, and our perception of that image.

Given this paradigm, the question emerges of how an organization such as the Foundation ought to respond to threats posed by deific entities. Thus far, standard operating procedure advocates for preventative measures: organized religion and acts of worship have been quietly nudged towards conceptualizations of gods as "hands-off" entities, whose involvement in day-to-day affairs is inconsequential — or a uniform background presence that stabilizes consensus reality. While this method has been largely successful in ensuring hostile deific entities do not gain significant traction in mainstream culture and religious practices, current reactive measures to emergent threats are often inadequate. As directly combating the existence of a hostile god within the psychosphere is currently infeasible, the Foundation's response to active deific threats prioritizes dismantling systems of worship in the physical world that define and support the behavior of such a deity.

However, identification and neutralization of cult-formations engaging in active worship of malicious or normalcy-threatening deific entities have seen mixed results, with consequences ranging from high mortality rates of assigned operatives and numerous threats to the integrity of the Veil. The current method appears unsustainable: deific entities are not locked to the physical world, including the cultural groups that engage in their worships. Through their manifestation in the psychosphere, they can traverse along lines of conceptual relation, touching and influencing different peoples around the world, inspiring new cult-formations which themselves become and/or splinter into divergent sects.


John Blake,
Journal of Tactical Theology, Vol. 72,

ADDENDUM 6659/II: Project Introduction



Each on his rock transfixt, the sport and prey
Of racking whirlwinds, or for ever sunk
Under yon boyling Ocean, wrapt in Chains

— John Milton, Paradise Lost, II:181-83, 1667


Dr. Sandrah Milton, Co-Lead, Applied Metaphysics.
Excerpt from Introductory Briefing, PROJECT DEICIDIUM:

While the initial proposal for this project focused more broadly on the creation of "an Anomaly employed by the Foundation for the decommissioning of other Anomalous phenomena", the subtext was clear: we require a means to combat gods. The Foundation — for all its grandiose notions and ideas, its flirtations with concepts beyond the veil of normality — remains an institution of bricks, mortar, bodies, and paper. Applied Metaphysics does not reject this notion: we need to know where our limitations are, as it's the only way to push beyond them.

SCP-6659 is a culmination of that drive to extend beyond the physical. While the Nöosphere permeates every aspect of our lives — what it means to think, what we can and cannot conceive of — our ability to alter it has been unrefined at best. When it comes to non-physical threats, the Foundation requires a new approach to accomplish its goal: the securing, containment, and protection of humanity, and resultantly normalcy, at all costs. We have been dying aimlessly in the dark, hoping to pull it off. We needed to become the scalpel, capable of exorcising specific dangers with negligible damage to those living in the light.

That's where Deicidium comes in. While these memetic constructs are worshipped as deities, they each are only another Anomaly to be understood and will be treated as such. Those who threaten the Foundation will be contained, their influence and danger mitigated, and the world will keep turning.

Welcome to the team. We're glad to have you.


Dr. John Blake, Co-Lead, Tactical Theology.
Excerpt from Introductory Briefing, PROJECT DEICIDIUM:

My colleague has explained the importance of this project; I am here to tell you not to be too hasty.

The notion of "worship" is not exclusive to what we would typically consider deific entities. Our modern society elevates nearly every facet of contemporary life beyond its inherent value and means: Democracy, Family, Capitalism; each of such concepts defines our relationship to the world. These concepts are in flux; they change and shift based on individual minds, informed by their beliefs and their local collective consciousnesses, developing new forms with cultural shifts over time.

What is the distinction between such a concept and a deific entity? The difference we may point to is that these concepts are inert unless acted upon, responsive to the human, rather than engaged reciprocally. However, recent findings indicate this is a false assumption. We've begun to see that these concepts do respond: they influence us in ways we do not fully yet understand. Perhaps it is an issue of malice; does the conceptual entity wish us harm, to change our understanding of the world? But even then, the distinction is murky: does a new political theory, relationship to nature, or revolutionary technology not potentially straddle this divide? Have we not seen the world shift and change, responsive to what were presumed to be non-Anomalous processes and influences?

The process of apotheosis, so prevalent in our shared myths, is ill-understood at best. We claim to know what a god is, intrinsically, if not rationally, but are ignorant as to how exactly they are formed within our collective conscious. Our Foundation, a secret gathering of people working towards a common goal, elevating the notion of Securing, Containment, and Protection, may not seem so dissimilar from the faith-driven groups we target.

This project is necessary, yes; but it is a grave uncertainty. This is a new relationship between humans and the divine, and the very relation itself is a concept which, if elevated via worship, could have grave implications on the structure of reciprocity in deification. We risk idolizing the destruction of our idols, and we know not what ground we tread in doing so.

ADDENDUM 6659/III: Activation Log

TOTEMIZED OBJECT: SCP-055, the skull of the last monarch of the Homo sapiens invisibili, a human subspecies which coexisted with Homo sapiens sapiens until their latent antimemetic properties became evident, motivating their non-Anomalous relatives to enact their genocide over the course of the 19th century.
WORSHIP GROUP: Disciples of the Unseen
RESULTS: Successful identification and acceleration of memetic construct. Construct subsequently un-identified as acceleration begins to deviate chaotically. Resulting conceptual quanta ejected from noesis.

NOTES: While the results of ACTIVATION 001 cannot be verified, it is currently hypothesized that the conceptual acceleration applied to the memetic construct associated with SCP-055 resulted in the complete obliteration of its Nöospheric relations; as a result, SCP-055, previously recorded information describing SCP-055, alongside any association it had to the genocide of the Homo sapiens invisibili, are now impossible for human subjects to conceptualize.

SCP-055 has been transferred to Standard Anomaly Chamber 055, Site-19 for containment. Efforts are underway to refine the selective application of conceptual acceleration to ensure the employed totems remain conceptual post-activation.

TOTEMIZED OBJECT: Shrivelled, mummified hand possessing an atypical musculature structure.
WORSHIP GROUP: Followers of the Angel's Path.
RESULTS: Successful identification and acceleration of memetic construct.
NOTES: Data from SCP-6659-C indicates the complete destabilization of the targeted memetic construct: the deific entity was successfully decommissioned.
TOTEMIZED OBJECT: 2% Milk, one carton; crucifix.
WORSHIP GROUP: Disciples of St Bernard in the Path of the Saviour.
RESULTS: Successful identification and acceleration of memetic construct.
NOTES: Due to the worship group's extensive historic cultural footprint, the Foundation is currently engaged in an ongoing attempt to alter the mythology concerning St. Bernard to conflate with common Christian doctrine. This has included the canonization of St. Bernard as a Christian Saint and the proliferation of artworks depicting the Lactatio Bernardi that stylistically imitate Medieval and Renaissance artists.

TOTEMIZED OBJECT: Sacrifical dagger.
WORSHIP GROUP: Children of the Scarlet King.
RESULTS: Successful identification and acceleration of memetic construct.
NOTES: Due to the high degree of thaumaturgical users in position of leadership within this worship group, various sects have continued to operate post-activation. However, surveillance indicates that Anomalous phenomena associated with these individuals are founded upon other thaumaturgic systems and bear no relation to the accelerated deific entity.
TOTEMIZED OBJECT: Cervidae skull.
WORSHIP GROUP: The 9th Green Lodge
RESULTS: Inconclusive — Activation 182 manually aborted due to system faliure.

NOTES: Following activation, SCP-6659-A and -B appeared to successfully isolate and accelerate the targeted deific entity. However, during SCP-6659-C's review of relevant memetic data, a series of cascading errors led to a catastrophic system failure.

Subsequently, six of the vats composing SCP-6659-C ruptured,.In addition to the expected artificial cerebrospinal fluid, the damaged vats were found to contain varying amounts of saltwater. a power surge emanating from SCP-6659-A caused an electrical fire within SCP-6659's control room, and two technicians supervising SCP-6659-B spontaneously de-manifested — one individual re-manifested approximately 5m above sea-level adjacent to MSite-184/A, the other individual remains missing (presumed deceased).

As a result of this event, henceforth Incident Ø-E5, the operation of SCP-6659 has been suspended. Repairs to the various systems and an investigation into the cause of Incident Ø-E5 are underway.

ADDENDUM 6659/IV: Post-Incident Debriefing


LOCATION: Conference room aboard MSite-184/A, located on Deck B1.


  • Dr. Sandrah Milton
  • Dr. John Blake
  • Captain S. Jones
  • Technician Rupert Sawdye
  • Maintenance & operations technicians for SCP-6659-A, -B, -C

FOREWORD: Following the events of Incident Ø-E5, personnel assigned to the maintenance and operation of SCP-6659 were assembled to discuss the event. The following transcript occurs after a summary of ongoing repairs to SCP-6659-A, -B, and -C.


Dr. Sandrah Milton: Thank you, Grace. I'm glad to hear the repairs on [SCP-6659]-B are underway. We've requisitioned the parts you needed — they'll arrive with tomorrow's supply drop. Alright-y, next up is… Dr. Sawdye, who's noticed some discrepancies in the data from SCP-6659-C during Incident Ø-E5. Rupert?

Technician Rupert Sawdye: Hello, er — hi everyone — sorry, bigger crowd than I was expecting, erm…

Dr. Milton: It's alright Rupert, go ahead when you're ready.

Tech. Sawdye: Right, thank you. Okay, so, just to clarify, the discrepancy didn't occur during the Incident. With the tanks rupturing and everything, the whole system went haywire — sorry, getting ahead of myself. Everyone here knows [SCP-6659]-C monitors previously-accelerated memetic constructs in the Nöosphere, to make sure everything goes as it should, meaning there's no latent activity within the dissociated construct. We call that baseline state "sterile"; assuming SCP-6659 functioned as intended, this entails no interaction between data points which previously composed the construct. Well, while reviewing the data, we noticed some activity in the data cluster of a deific entity that we'd previously successfully accelerated beyond conception. These slides are representations from SCP-6659-C over a 6-hour period — sorry, how do I…?

Dr. John Blake: Right-side of the pointer.

Tech. Sawdye: There we go. So: the colour represents the intensity of the interactions…


Tech. Sawdye: …after this window, the activity dissipated back to nothing, as though it hadn't even happened, which was part of the reason we missed it until now. This is highly irregular, as you may be able to -

Dr. Milton: Rupert, sorry. Are you suggesting that this previous activation didn't function properly?

Tech. Sawdye: No, that's the odd part. The activation was completely successful, we've double-checked all the relevant data. This is the only irregularity; while it's entirely normal for new lines of conceptual association to form as human conception expands and changes, our use of SCP-6659 should have rendered this impossible.

Dr. Blake: So this was spontaneous? Just a random series of interactions?

Tech. Sawdye: That is one theory, yes — but, uhm.

Dr. Milton: Go on, Rupert.

Tech. Sawdye: Well, that sort of… spontaneity doesn't seem feasible, given our understanding of Nöospherics and SCP-6659. It's a linked network, things respond to each other, but the individual points within this data cluster were completely isolated. They didn't just interact along previous lines of relation, either — they formed new ones. Something like that requires this section of the cluster to be acted upon, but as we've already covered —

Dr. Blake: Do you mean to suggest that something external to the Nöosphere caused this?

Tech. Sawdye: I'm not exactly qualified to say.

Dr. Blake: <looking across the table> Would something like that even be possible?

Dr. Milton: The truth is, we wouldn't have any way of knowing, definitionally. We can't comprehend something which functions outside the realm of our comprehension — in theory, we shouldn't even be able to reason about it in the abstract. The fact that we're able to do so demonstrates the futility of even attempting to think about it.

Dr. Blake: Couldn't we run some tests? Try and isolate this whatever-it-is by mapping the new lines of association?

Dr. Milton: Not only would that entail engineering new brain-computers capable of more complex thought than our own, it would be inadvisable due to the fundamental property that we can't know what we're dealing with.

Dr. Blake: It's what we designed the damn machine to do — why have it if we're not targeting new threats? We've seen what deific entities are capable of. If this isn't responsive to SCP-6659, or whatever the hell [SCP-6659]-B's doing, we're in the dark — we need to know what we're dealing with. Rupert, would it be possible to try to isolate whatever the new complex causing the interactions is?

Tech. Sawdye: I'm not sure, I'd need to speak with the team, a-and —

Dr. Milton: Rupert, stop. We're not getting started on this, at least not until repairs are finished.

Dr. Blake: This is ridiculous, we need to act quickly. Whatever's going on, we need to be ready to respond, and the only way we'll be able to do —

Dr. Milton: Someone's dead, John. Christ, would you get out of your own damn head? This isn't just esoteric theory, there are repercussions. We're at — what, almost 48 hours? No body, no trace, nothing — just gone. What the hell are we supposed to write to inform her next-of-kin?

<Silence on recording.>

Dr. Milton: <sighs> Look, it's out of our hands, anyway. A memo came in from O5 earlier: we're pausing testing for the foreseeable future. They've also decided to share information related to SCP-6659 and Incident Ø-E5 with specialists at other Foundation sites. So everyone needs to be ready to share the reports I know you've been working on.

Dr. Blake: Are they shutting us down?

Dr. Milton: Not yet, and we should be glad they haven't. We're just hitting pause and getting some more eyes on the situation — figuring out what's going on. On that note, we've got Dr. Place H. McD. on his way to M-Site to advise repairs to [SCP-6659]-C; I believe he'll have some questions for you, Rupert.


AFTERWORD: During the remainder of the conference, Dr. Blake was seen on camera leaving the conference room in an agitated state. The remainder of the meeting addressed ongoing repairs to SCP-6659; technicians were selected to liaison with off-site specialists to address concerns regarding the potential causes of Incident Ø-E5.

ADDENDUM 6659/V: Ongoing Emergent Scenario

FOREWORD: The following transcript was recovered from Dr. Milton's quarters' security feed.

Dr. John Blake: Hey, got a sec?

Dr. Sandrha Milton: Oh, sure. Please, have a seat.

Dr. Blake: Thanks. I just wanted to come by to say — well, to apologize for what happened earlier. I recognize that I got a bit hot-headed back there — I was caught up in my own reaction to the news and was negligent of the larger project, and those working on it.

Dr. Milton: I'm sure I also could have handled it more tactfully; I suppose it's understandable that this whole thing has our nerves a little frayed.

<Silence on recording.>

Dr. Blake: Did I… ever tell you I used to be a pastor?

Dr. Milton: I think I read something along those lines going over your CV, back before we worked on [CLASSIFIED INITIATIVE EXPUNGED].

Dr. Blake: It's strange — I was really convinced it was what I was meant to do, to spread the Word of God — honestly, I wasn't too keen on the specific doctrine, but I did believe there was something truly transcendent out there, watching us.

Dr. Blake: That changed when I joined the Foundation. It's funny, you know? Having actual proof that gods are real, that they're fallible, they have blind spotsthat was what broke my faith. The more we study them, understand them… the less they seem like gods. We're able to point to them and say: "that's god, right there," and with SCP-6659 we can essentially annihilate them — or at least render them dormant. There's nothing wondrous about that, nothing transcendental.

Dr. Milton: <sighs, looking up from her paperwork> John, it was always like this. Even if you didn't know before, this is how it's been happening the whole time. We're starting to understand how these beings interact with us. If you're serious about studying theology, then this is what it actually is.

Dr. Blake: I know that, I do. But still, shouldn't there be… more? I mean, look at what we saw today! We've got no idea what caused the reaction, it could be something else entirely! It could…

Dr. Milton: <raises an eyebrow> What?

Dr. Blake: <hesitates, then sighs> Y'know what, it's fine — I'm just… tired. Stressed, like you said — I'd best be off.

Dr. Milton: <turns back to her desk> Don't take this the wrong way, but you might want to consider putting in a transfer. Or taking a sabbatical, maybe.

Dr. Blake: No rest for the godless. Goodnight, Dr. Milton. Oh, and would you mind at all if I took a copy of today's transcript?

Dr. Milton: <gestures toward a stack of papers> Go right ahead. Have a good night, John.


FOREWORD: The following transcript was recovered from Research Deck 6, in which SCP-6659's main apparati are operated and maintained, and depicts Dr. Blake's actions immediately following the previous log.

<Dr. Blake is seen entering the control room for SCP-6659-A. He removes his glasses and sets them upon a nearby countertop before sealing the door to the room: a large submarine-grade bulkhead, and proceeds to position the legs of a nearby metal chair within the rotating-locking mechanism, presumably to restrict access from the other side. Dr. Blake turns to face the ceiling-mounted security camera.>

Dr. Blake: To whomever it may concern, my name is Reverend John Blake. Until, well I suppose until this moment, I have been acting Co-Lead of Project Deicidum — representing the SCP Foundation's Department of Tactical Theology. I am of sound body and mind, and am acting under my own volition.

Dr. Blake: I intend to insert my own head into SCP-6659-A and scan it in an attempt to map the entity responsible for Incident Ø-E5. I suspect that mapping the human brain and likeness, in tota, will reveal a transcendent deity embodying the concept, while eluding the conception, of Humanity. To enable myself to take this course of action, I have acquired Dr. Sandrah Milton's SCP-6659 activation key without her knowledge or consent. I am acting independently; what I am about to do has been in no way permitted or condoned by any of the persons stationed alongside me on Mobile Site-184/A.

<Dr. Blake proceeds to insert both his and Dr. Sandrah Milton's activation keys into the central console of SCP-6659 and initiates the activation procedure, overriding safety protocols as he does so. Dr. Blake then opens the compartment of SCP-6659-A reserved for suitable totems, kneels before it, and inserts his head into the device. A period of several minutes passes as standard initiation procedures commence. The activation is noticed by maintenance personnel and an emergency alarm is engaged. The SCUTTLE system is primed, with firing control given to Captain S. Jones. Crewmembers are dispatched to apprehend Dr. Blake.>

Dr. Blake: Gah! Oh, Lord…

<Dr. Blake proceeds to mumble incomprehensibly for the duration of the machine's activation. On-site MTF personnel arrive at the reinforced door leading to the control room; unable to force the door open, one proceeds to retrieve a laser torch utilized for salvage operations and vessel repairs. As they successfully cut through one of the two supporting hinges of the door, Dr. Blake's body begins convulsing. An unidentified clear liquid seeps from the central compartment of SCP-6659-A, pooling around Dr. Blake's knees.>

Dr. Blake: …sees me. Can't move… [inaudible] …tumor of thought has seen me, seized me. God wishes to show me. It's inside, it's in. It's —

<The door gives way as the second hinge breaks. Crewmembers rush inside to find Dr. Blake's body unmoving. An emergency shutdown of SCP-6659 is initiated, the SCUTTLE System being deactivated following securing of the control room. Medical personnel arrive to transport Dr. Blake's unresponsive body to the on-site medical bay and perform likely autopsal study, including sampling large quantities from Dr. Blake's oral, nasal, and aural openings.>

AFTERWORD: Medical examination of Dr. Blake's person revealed various lobes of the subject's brain had undergone extensive and presumably-Anomalous manipulation, resulting in severe contortions to the tissue of the cerebrum and cerebellum. Retrieved liquid samples appeared to be a mixture of cerebrospinal fluid and saltwater, corresponding to that found in Ø-E5.

FOREWORD: The following is a prose depiction of Dr. Blake's audiovisual conceptual experience during the previous log, as generated through analysis and noetic restructuring of the subject's brain post-mortem.

Wait, what? I shouldn't be interfacing with it, I'm just doing a scan…

…where's my body?

I see a sort of infinite space laid out before me, immediately reminded of what I'd heard about GOTTFRIED and seeing the Nöosphere. There is a background of darkness, interrupted ambiently by points of soft light. Some lights drift in all directions, while others beam toward each other, trading places, forming shapes, connections, ley lines… each one I glance at twinkles at me, and instantly I know something, an immensely small building block of data, a fundamental particle of an applicable concept. There is no scale to this world — like clouds, everything looks much closer than it likely is.

An immensely-dim whisper emits from behind my mind, and I turn(?) to face it. Hello?

HERE, it gasps, as if straining, frail. I look to the sound, but there is nothing to illuminate the space — the lights keep their distance, shying away from the whispers' source.

I will myself toward the darkness. HERE, it repeats, each heaving breath triggering a flash of dim red, getting stronger as I come toward. The star-idea-light points wave wildly behind me, shining patterns into my thought. They tell me not to go, to worship them instead, that it is better this way. I cannot hear them over The Saviour's call.

Lord, I have kept my faith. I have always known you as greater than these idols.

As I reach the center of the darkness, the red billows up around me. I hear a great shrieking in the sky above, and look up to see an enormous obsidian tower in front of me, formed from the inky black. The tower churns and pulses with THE WILL OF వ, its infinite impossible structure branching into a web of hundreds of hands, each of its fingers branching into another hundred hands. The impossible scale of God bears down upon me as Its hands reach into my mind.

At the center of it all, a wet, sliding noise cracks apart the sky and an enormous eye opens. The hyperdodecahedron folds in upon itself and impresses the Holy Spirit upon me. The whisper erupts into static and tells me no God I could ever conceive could compare.

God sees me. The Lord knows my faith. It reaches into my thoughts and makes me know my purpose. My hands scream at me. My hands are gone, only fingers now. I hum as the red fills my vision, and God brings me up closer, pulling me into Its maw, breaking down the human structure, making me an Angel of Its coven. There is no other option but to offer my mind to It, and submit to Salvation.

God is horrifying. God is beautiful. God is a tumor.

There is nothing else.

AFTERWORD: Following the detainment of Dr. Blake's remains, Dr. Milton was confined to quarters, pending investigation. OVERSEER COUNCIL has appointed Dir. Place H. MD., PhD as Project Lead for the duration of the investigation.


The following addenda materials constitute infohazardous and highly antimemetic vectors. Your perceiving this message implies you have been integrated with ORACLE-Class Cognitive Resistance capabilities, and are therefore not at risk. If you believe to be perceiving this message in error, blink three times.

Should this or further content persist, close this file immediately and contact your Site's MaID liason.



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