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by Doctor Cimmerian


Photograph of the damage sustained to the safe house during the SCP-7700-A incident.

Item #: SCP-7700

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7700-1 is not allowed to leave Foundation employment for any reason. SCP-7700-1 is to be monitored at all times and improbable events should be logged.

Additional measures are to be taken once there is a better understanding of the core anomaly or anomalies involving SCP-7700.

Description: SCP-7700 is an unexplained probabilistic phenomenon surrounding Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian (hereafter referred to as SCP-7700-1). This phenomenon causes unusual and unlikely events to occur in any situation where SCP-7700-1's life is in danger.

While these unusual probabilistic outcomes do not necessarily result in SCP-7700-1 remaining uninjured, it has uniformly led to his survival in all recorded circumstances. This effect does not extend to any other individuals or property surrounding or near to SCP-7700-1.

SCP-7700 occurs without need of conscious thought and without any regard for the wishes of SCP-7700-1. Additionally, when SCP-7700-1 deliberately places himself in life threatening situations, SCP-7700 will still prevent SCP-7700-1's death. Current understanding of this effect indicates that it has been in place since SCP-7700-1's birth. It is also believed that some or all information regarding SCP-7700-1's life prior to Foundation employment is fabricated.

SCP-7700-1 has not visibly aged during his 10 years in Foundation employ (though given the short time period, this is not a definitive indicator). It has been surmised that the phenomenon that keeps the entity alive during short term emergencies has also acted over the long term to prevent incomplete or imperfect cell replication. Tissues samples extracted from SCP-7700-1 are not under the effects of SCP-7700 and appear to replicate and die normally.

Dr. Cimmerian Almost Goes Out On A Limb


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