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Item#: 7937
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Private Simon Keyestone, Circa 1966

Item #: SCP-7937

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7937 is to be contained in a 4x4x3 meter room, located at Humanoid Containment Site-88. Personnel wishing to interview SCP-7937 are to contact Site Administration for permission.

When interviewing SCP-7937, personnel are advised not to inquire about the origin of its abilities, as this has been shown to cause distress on the part of SCP-7937. If agitated during an interview, it is to be sedated using a 75mg dose of Haldol, and the offending personnel are to receive a write-up. SCP-7937 is currently scheduled for monthly meetings with Dr Palmer to monitor and treat its Alzheimer's.

Description: SCP-7937 is a 72 year old brown-haired caucasian male, identified as Simon Keyestone. SCP-7937 is shown to cause vivid audiovisual hallucinations when describing its past memories- including those related to its service in the vietnam war1. The person affected will appear to be in an unresponsive state, while they experience a direct recreation of these memories from SCP-7937's point of view. These properties do not manifest when hearing audio or video recordings or reading transcripts. Additionally, Injuries sustained during these memories do not carry over when they are complete, but several personnel have shown mental distress typical for the subject matter of certain memories. This effect is not applicable for descriptions of things SCP-7937 has not experienced, such as fictional stories or second hand accounts. SCP-7937 recently began showing signs of moderate Alzheimer's typical of its age. Due to this, it has become increasingly common for only partial memories to be described. In this case, the affected person experiences the described parts, skipping between portions that are not remembered. When experiencing SCP-7937's stories, the affected person retains their memories for the duration, but does not have the ability to change anything.

Prior to containment in 1967, SCP-7937 had one child, Barry Keyestone, with its ex-wife Martha White. Both are now deceased. Currently, SCP-7937's only living relative is its grandson, Ethics Liason Atlas Keyestone. SCP-7937 has been shown to become more amiable when interviewed by its grandson, who is working with research personnel to determine an origin and timeline of its anomalous abilities and encounters.

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