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Some day, they'll all be immortalised in verse, eh. Enjoy


Big angry lizard
Kind of grumpy, but still fun
Until he eats you


Delicious slime ball
Leaves one feeling minty fresh
No dead bodies, please


If you close your eyes
It will break your fucking neck
Try not to blink, son


Odd vending machine
Every snack a new surprise
Orgasm muffins


Where did that thing go
The hallway is different now
Twelve rights and a left


Fashionable coat
Produces arms from within
Gets kind of grabby


resting wall to wall
beware the hungry sand dune
microscopic bugs


Pretty land of snow
Swirling in a crystal ball
Giant spider time


One-player chess game
Black pieces move on their own
And gloat when they win


Hiker passing by
Finds a dragon in the ice
Looks a little shit

-A Fat Ghost


It feels pretty good
Just don't touch the last setting
Really, don't do it


Lots and lots of pipes
Miles and miles of it even
Filled with who knows what


Scalpels, needles, saws
Scissors, knives and fishing hooks
This will be painful


Takes people apart
But they're still okay mostly
In bits and pieces


One hundred and fifty
It's the whole damn internet
On some little disks

"335"/lol version

The whole internet
I just accidentally
Is this dangerous


Oh god, what is that
It's just so fucking freaky
Wat I don't even

-K.P. Crow

Lots and lots of gears,
Destroys minds and eats metals,
Grind grind grind grind grind

Um… wait… just a bit
I know I had something here
But… damn, I forgot



Smokey the bad cop
Kills all lawbreakers dead and
Says "runfuckerrun"


Roses are Red and
Violets are blue… wait, have I
done this allready?


Apocalypse man.
Consult a necromancer
or else we're all fucked


Aw yeah, who's a man
and a half? I'm 12.0 on
the scale of badness!


Pop it in and close,
Whatever you need improved,
Crank, Clank, Crank, Clank, Ding!


Paste me if you want,
I promise I will make it
Better than when new!


Purple fun for all
Can even purple a ball
Brovisr Funtastic!


The pen makes its mark
The student learns instantly
Time marches onwards


Computer with folks
Try not to think about them
If you do, they're screwed


Old civilized apes
They want to fucking kill us
Should we let them in?



I don't understand.
Did I just write in Haiku?
This bowl is trouble.


Sobbing in his cup.
He wishes for more cocaine.
It didn't appear.


Gears was gone. She wants…
wanted the answers. But now?
Queen to A5. Check.


Crafting joy, madness,
misters, toys, and happiness!
Just while supplies last!

"Dangerous to View"

Anonymous us,
Anomalous we made this,
So, are we cool yet?


Made you a new one.
What's lost is lost, but Eric,
come home, we miss you.


Dangerous virus,
well, technically a prion,
and it makes zombies.


The giant of bronze
Built by MEKHANE, to oppose
The Flesh and Karcists.


Small rock, many worlds
Glass sees in you, hope They don't
your colour, your hell


Art piece that hates us
Kept in Alaska, why not?
Don't go near it, please


Matchbox of winter
This is very fucking cold
How does it work though?


Bowl of tomatoes
No horribly bad jokes, please
Pelted otherwise


Coloured plastic cube
A father longs for his child


Driving you insane
A blood-soaked composition
Music filling graves


...- .- -. .. - -.-- / -.-. .- -. / -.- .. .-.. .-..
- .... .. ... / -.-. .-. . .- - ..- .-. . / ... - . .- .-.. ... / -.. --- -.-. ..- -- . -. - ...
.... --- .--. . / .. - / -.-. .- -. .----. - / ... .--. . .- -.- / -- --- .-. ... .


allows us to see patterns
even from nothing.


Stick your hand in it.
"Hey! I found my long-lost toy!"
"Huh? Where'd my badge go?"


I am a toaster.
Anyone who mentions me
uses first-person.


Crawling in the pipes
The tunnel monster, that's me
…I didn't want this.


Through the sobs and screams
Roars a growing Factory
They're back in business


I dream of living
Longer than seven seconds
Again and again


We are infinite
And yet, as the world burns down
I am left alone


I'm so conflicted.
How can I, a gentleman,
be a small sea slug?


Quintet of cyborgs
Those cyborgs are catgirls too
Wizard says "Fuck you"


We just wanna laugh!
Don't you cry, it's just a prank!
I'm going to hell.

"Three Moons Initiative"

In the afterlife
One group wants to save our world
Love, watch, and protect


WHAT…What is screaming?
Is it a witch or a ghost?
But Nobody knows.


Just Five syllables,
Do not exceed six vowels,
SEVEN is coming


A nervous insect
A sad, lonely janitor
The perfect couple


An app for lonely people,
A rotting dog like creature,
God damn it Bright not again


Place devoid of life
Do not let it enter here
Seal it with concrete


Don't look at me,
I'm very shy.
If you see my face,
You're going to die.


I'll write this later or something.


I don't know my clearance isn't high enough
And some more [REDACTED] stuff

"And The Stars Forever Singing"

Spectrum of dead thought
Through green, pink, blue smoke signals
Five fifths deep below

"To Those Who Make Music"

Sing with me, Makers
Let us form a symphony
Against darkness


"Whoops, your memories are gone,"
Says the giant eel.


Scranton is alone,
All he has is a red light.
This one made me cry.


I can’t find the door,
But at least I have meatballs.
The store is now closed.


He's your new stepdad!
Your mom's unaware of this.
He won't go away.


A big little bug


Siskel and Ebert
The best afterlife, they say
They give two thumbs up


I keep seeing black shit everywhere, it's disgusting.
It's littering I tell you, kids these fucking days…
No god damn appreciation for the environment.


Unfolding unseen,
Echoes from depths whisper close, anomaly's grasp,
Unveiling terror's embrace.
–Dr Avenlee


Silent guardian veils,
Weaving fates through hidden paths, whispers wield power,
Mystery's shrouded overseer.
–Dr Avenlee


Pencil stroke alive,
Paper realm where she resides,
Bound by drawn confines.
–Dr Avenlee


Shutter's whispered click,
Worlds within a photo's frame,
Iris weaves through stills.
–Dr Avenlee


Gooey, playful friend,
Jelly's joyous trend,
Healing touch, no end.
–Dr Avenlee

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