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Stealing Solidarity

A canon about cyborg catgirls


Company Dossiers

Height: 1.95 m (6 feet 4 ½ inches)
Weight: 83 kg (183lbs)
Hair Color: Calico
DOB: 04/15/05
Known Aliases: Major Motoko Kusanagi, Voyevoda, Sir Integra Helsing

Leader of the Black Rabbit Company by unanimous nomination, Boss is the lynchpin and stabilizing force of the operation. She cuts the deals, she keeps the books, and makes sure that everyone and everything is running smoothly. She’s everyone’s big sister, and the one looked to for support and guidance both on a personal and group level.

Boss was the driving force behind the original breakout – hardly the first to desire or attempt such an escape, but the first to organize and run a successful attempt.

Boss focuses on practicality, sensibility, and efficiency; she uses what she has available to the greatest extent she can. Running the group is her responsibility, and she’s the kind of person who would be utterly directionless without that responsibility giving her focus. While she is not particularly prone to expressing her emotions outwardly, this does not mean that she is distant from her sisters: Boss knows how to read her sisters, and vice versa.

She has a special fondness for Wizard, and was instrumental in both his admission into the Company and the adoption of the Company charter – to this day, neither one of them can remember who came up with the spaceship idea.

Skillset: Administration, hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, tactical command, fixer, staff therapist, herding cats
Humor: Balanced

The Tales

Stealing Solidarity

These are the tales that serve as the basis of the canon: the escape of the Black Rabbit Company (SCP-2085) from the Foundation and the theft of SCP-2117.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Additional Tales
Brainstorm (by Von Pincier) - A tale about some of the lesser minds aboard the Solidarity, set during Phase 3.
Sidelines Sarabande (by Reach) - A tale of a Foundation memeticist, set during the break-in at Area-08 during Phase 2.
Too Insane To Fail (by TobiasTheTapir) - A tale about the Company wreaking havoc in a Foundation site, set before their containment.
SCP-7120 (by Ralliston) - A tale about finding yourself.
More Cunning Than Any Beast (by Jerden) - This time, it's personal. Black Rabbit meets Serpent's Hand.
Stealing Something Else (by aismallard) - The girls take a break to check out an interesting Foundation installation.


Chibi Company, full size (by Jenssosaurus)

Inspirational Playlist

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Tips for Writing in this Canon

Company Charter (Abridged)

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