Voice of Vanguard

Voice of Vanguard

DetectiveRG 15/10/22 (Fri) 09:32:57 #6749253

Hey guys, I know there's not a lot of us around these days but I have some exciting news to share for everyone who stuck around: I finally got accepted to be on Vanguard's public podcast.
Here's hoping I can get them to spill out some juicy truths!

Voice of Vanguard, episode 17: "Coexistence"

Harper: Hello and welcome to Voice of Vanguard: the public-service podcast where we tell you everything you need to know about our latest declassifications, keep you up to date with anomalous news, and just generally discuss relevant topics.

Harper: I'm Sandra Harper, your host, and for today's episode I am joined by a very special guest. Do you want to introduce yourself?

Gambi: Hi yes, I'm Ron Gambi and I'm a pretty influential member of the Parawatch forum. For those who don't know us —and I assume that's most of the audience— we are an internet forum that, before the big reveal, focused on investigating mysteries and finding out the hidden truths of this world. Now we still do that but uh, there's a bit less mystery.

Harper: Yes, in the days before the Impasse, the SCP Foundation used to keep Parawatch members in the dark, like everyone else. But that's all in the past now.

Gambi: Actually Sandra, I'm pretty sure you're all still hiding a lot from us.

Harper: I wouldn't say hiding Ron, it's just that we haven't had the time to share everything yet. But it's a work in progress! Now, do you know what the theme of today's episode is?

Gambi: Yeah, it's in the prep email you sent. "We're not alone", right?

Harper: Indeed! As I'm sure many in the audience already know, Vanguard has begun informing the public about the different races and peoples that Humanity has been sharing this world with. The Veil of normalcy used to repress these people, but we've been taking steps to make sure they can start living among us again.

Gambi: Finally, I knew they were out there!

Harper: Excuse me?

Gambi: You're talking about the aliens right? Come on, show them to me.

Harper: Well…

Entrance to the construction site of the future Museum of Fae-Human history.

Item №: VNP-4000

Specifications:The Fae, the Sidhe and other denominations for homo sapiens sidhe.

An ancient species that has existed since before the dawn of humanity and established one of the first civilizations. Despotic rulers and various calamities have since caused their decline. Different communities exist, spread across the world, while others reside in a lost land1.

Their members generally possess great thaumaturgical abilties.

Normalization Protocols: Many communities of VNP-4000 have already revealed themselves to the public. Most of these communities have been taking care of matters on their own and have rejected Vanguard's offers for help. As such, our efforts will focus on educating the human public. Measures towards this goal include:

  • Publishing books detailing the history shared by humans and VNP-4000;
  • Informing the public on the proper rules and customs when interacting with the various VNP-4000 cultures. The use of interactive videos has been found to be very effective in this regard;
  • Issuing a public apology for the past doctoring of "fairy tales", and releasing their original versions.

Some communities have accepted to work with Vanguard. This is notably the case of Hy-Brasil, which will receive advanced aid to work towards its restoration. We've got a lot to make up for.


Voice of Vanguard, episode 17: "Coexistence"

Gambi: Sandra?

Harper: Yes?

Gambi: What am I looking at here?

Harper: Oh that picture is from one of the Nexuses, as you can see some of them have been living alongside humans for a long time without any issues.

Gambi: Those are… fairies.

Harper: Careful, not many of them like being called that.

Gambi: But like, they've got the wings. And that one's doing magic. This is some Tinkerbell bullshit.

Harper: Did you not know about them already? One of their ambassadors gave a speech on CNN just last night.

Gambi: Oh, I don't watch TV. Too many governments and corporations trying to control how we think, you know?

Harper: Don't you think that's a little close-minded? It's important to stay informed, even more so in these times.

Gambi: Come on, just last week you guys declassified a bunch of info about how many elections your own predecessors manipulated. I'll stick with the sources I trust.

Harper: Right, maybe we can get back on topic now? Do you have any relevant questions?

Gambi: Sure. So if I'm reading that right, you guys aren't actually doing a lot for their Normalization? How is that going to work out?

Harper: You see, the Fae have always been prideful, and unlike some of the other people we'll talk about today, they have a number of influential factions. So, they've taken it upon themselves to carve out their own place in this new world. And we're happy to let them. Of course, we'll be ready to help when needed but for now our main task is to make sure humanity is ready to live with them.

Gambi: About that, I get the general idea of the Veil and all, but how come these guys weren't like, something we already accepted as normal? I mean, the file says they existed as the same time as early humans so why weren't they a part of our history?

Harper: It's… a touchy subject. We'll be explaining more about that at a later—

Gambi: Hold on, if they could have come forward on their own but didn't, that means they had a reason to not want to. A reason to not want to live with humans.

Harper: Like I said, at a later date we will—

Gambi: Are the fairies… racist?

A switch is flipped.


Voice of Vanguard, episode 17: "Coexistence"

Harper: Hello there, dear listeners. Did you know that there are many places to keep up to date with information shared by Vanguard? Click the link in the description to catch up on our latest press releases, TV announcements, and many more. There's even a service to help you find your nearest Lighthouse.

Harper: And don't forget to send messages to Voice of Vanguard's inbox. Whether you were a long-time member of the anomalous community getting used to a world without the Veil, or a member of the general public learning about all this for the first time, we'd love to hear from you.


Voice of Vanguard, episode 17: "Coexistence"

Gambi: Uh so, Sandra and I agree it's time to move on to the next item on the list.

Harper: We have quite a lot to discuss today, we can't spend too much time on one thing.

Gambi: Right. So, what's the next one? I'm guessing you don't actually have any aliens.

Harper: None currently on Earth, no.

Gambi: Wait so does that mean that—

Harper: Tell me Ron, what do you think the most intelligent animals are?

Gambi: Oh well, there's crows and some parrots. Those birds are really smart and can be trained to understand some elements of language. Octopi as well, they can solve puzzles designed for advanced human children. And of course, there are all kinds of super smart apes. Have you heard about this gorilla they taught sign language to? It's crazy stuff.

Harper: I see you're quite informed.

Gambi: Well yeah, gotta watch out for all those smart enough to overthrow us.

Harper: What?

Gambi: Have you seen all the harm we do with pollution and global warming? Let me tell you, it's only a matter of time until one of those smart critters starts thinking they've had enough and comes for us.

Harper: But what if I told you that there are already several cases of common animals developing sapience? Some of them even have very developed societies.

A heated argument regarding fishing rights in waters claimed by both the DPRI and the United States.

Item №: VNP-3932, previously designated SCP-3932-Δ

Specifications: Instances of VNP-3932 are sapient dolphins gifted with minor telekinetic abilities. This sapience is not innate but transmitted through a short memetic vocalisation, used by instances to convert their newborns as well as wild dolphins. VNP-3932's society is split into three nations2 which are in a state of constant conflict.

The disapearance of magic during the Impasse caused a general panic and all three nations resumed open warfare against each other. At the outset of this war, the GBREIE had been severely weakened, and both the GBRC and the DPRI had greatly increased their numbers and expanded the territories they control.

It is estimated that currently 38% of all dolphins are VNP-3932 instances.

Normalization Protocols: The remaining VNP-5953 instances and Vanguard have managed to de-escalate the conflict between the three nations. Both the GBRC and the DPRI have come forward as sovereign, independent nations and wish to be recognised as such by the UN.

Vanguard diplomats are overseeing peace talks and negotiations between VNP-3932 and countries with maritime borders. The main topics of concern are:

  • The fate of non VNP-3932 dolphins, which VNP-3932 claims have a right to be awakened;
  • The possibility of new nations arising due to the increasing number of instances;
  • Human activity in waters claimed by VNP-3932, such as fishing, tourism, and pollution;
  • The DPRI's claimed intent to "start a new Communist Bloc but this time we'll be blue on the maps because we're underwater".

The bad news is that they've started to bicker and argue with all the other nations out there. The good news is that this means they're just like human nations.


Voice of Vanguard, episode 17: "Coexistence"

Gambi: Wait let me just google something real quick.

Gambi: Oh shit that's a lot of dolphins. And they're making more of them?

Harper: Indeed, VNP-3932 instances have been converting wild dolphins into more of their own. As you can imagine, this is causing a lot of issues, but that's what we're here for: to find a way for all parties to reach an agreement.

Gambi: Does that mean there are going to be dolphins with seats at the UN? Man, that would be weird.

Harper: Possibly, it'll be up to them. Although I don't think we're at that point in negotiations where that is something that could happen soon.

Gambi: It's still so crazy that the Foundation was hiding stuff like that. How did they even manage to keep the public from discovering some hundreds of thousands of… of basically people swimming around Oceania?

Harper: Well, as you would know, regular dolphins are pretty intelligent.

Gambi: Yes.

Harper: So while the previous accords couldn't completely stop encouters between VNP-3932 instances and humans, it was simply a matter of convincing people they had just seen smarter-than-average dolphins.

Gambi: Yeah right, and a bit of memory wiping when that didn't work.

Harper: I won't deny it. But remember, amnestics are a thing of the past now.

Gambi: Sure, if you say so. Now, I've got a big question. If those dolphins did interact with humans, could they have been the origin of the myth of Atlantis? Underwater nation-states, bit of magic, it checks out.

Harper: No, they're too recent. Besides, Atlantis was something else entirely.

Gambi: Ah okay, that would…hold on, what?

Harper: I said VNP-3932 started existing relatively recently. Unlike some other cases. Let's go through a list of examples.


Voice of Vanguard, episode 17: "Coexistence"

Gambi: Okay wait, the ones before made a little sense but now you're telling me the Church's doctrine has spread to the animal kingdom?

Harper: No, to one kingdom of some animals.

Gambi: Okay. I'm not sure I can really discuss that one. This is just… it's all a lot to take in.

Harper: I imagine it would be. Could I ask you to elaborate? It's important to know the opinion of people like you so we can measure the impact of our work.

Gambi: "People like me", huh. You see that's the problem, I don't think I'm like most people in your audience. Most of them were just regular people, completely clueless until you guys revealed everything.

Gambi: But me? I wasn't clueless. I was worse. I was so convinced I knew all about hidden mysteries, sure that I knew the truths of this world.

Gambi: But today you've been telling me all about these peoples that we've been sharing a world with, and I knew nothing about them. All of them existed in the same world as I did, and I was chasing ghosts, aliens or hidden societies underground.

Harper: Oh actually, I know about something that might fit that last one.

Gambi: Seriously? The mole people are real? Damn.

An illustration of Martin Duval, whose memory is celebrated during VNP-5457's Freedom Festival

Item №: VNP-5457, previously designated SCP-5457

A large population of sapient anthropomorphic beings with traits similar to amphibians of the anura order. Frightened by French people, who they believe seek to eat them. This fear was previously exploited by the Foundation to keep them isolated in underground caves where they had built their society.

VNP-5457 posseses a fully organized democratic society and a rich culture. Their isolation has caused them to lack in technological advancements, except for some specialised scientific fields.

Normalization Protocols: A plan has been developed by Vanguard diplomats as well as French and Under-Frogian officials, to allow VNP-5457's society to gradually move to the surface:

  • A large city is being built around Lake Grenouilleau, designed around VNP-5457's physiology;
  • As part of the effort to dismantle the Foundation's containment, VNP-5457 will be introduced to non-agressive French people. Candidates will be chosen among French people who were previously aware of the anomalous, preferably from free ports such as Middle-Normandy;
  • The people of VNP-5457 will be granted French citizenship. The newly-established Département de Haute-Grenouillie (Department of Upper-Frogia) will be recognised as an official French department, with equal rights in terms of national representation, and special administrative oversight within its own borders3;
  • The people of VNP-5457 will be gradually introduced to modern technologies. Electricity will only be introduced after installing sufficient safeties around the partially flooded caves, for obvious security reasons.

They deserve to live in the light. They'll need our help to get there. And let's give some mnestics to Duvarier, she should remember what she did.


Voice of Vanguard, episode 17: "Coexistence"

Gambi: Frog people.

Harper: This is basically what they are, yes.

Gambi: And they're… afraid of French people, because French people eat frogs.

Harper: Indeed. They speak of an event called "The Great Betrayal" which sparked the first hunts. Now, the Foundation's historians and archivists couldn't find any evidence of it, but I think it's still something worth looking into.

Gambi: Yeah, no. I'm sorry Sandra, I just can't do this.

Footsteps are heard, going away from the recording booth.

Harper: Mr Gambi, come back! We still have fifty minutes of airtime!

A door is shut.

Harper: Well, I'm sorry dear audience, but it appears I'll have to do the rest of this episode alone.

Harper: So now that we've looked at some examples of the peoples we share a world with, it's time to talk about how to live with them. That's where the questions you sent come in.

Harper: The first question is from an anonymous listener, who asks "After reading some of the info, I'm pretty sure that my gf is a Tartarean entity. Should I wait for her to tell me? Would it be rude to ask? I'm super into it btw."

DetectiveRG 18/10/22 (Mon) 12:49:27 #6749632

Hey guys, I quit.

After the recording, I went to apologise to Sandra. I also asked her if I could see some files on how the Foundation used to handle our little group.
As it turns out they didn't do a lot. We were so deluded, so far from the truth that there was no risk of us learning what was really going on.
I don't see the point of staying in Parawatch anymore. There's no more Veil. There's a full world out there to truly discover. And it's not like how we thought.

It's weird as hell.

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