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I don't think I'll ever forget that day when the apocalypse crawled out of the sea.

At least, that's how it felt back then at the moment. I was on the beachfront, and the kraken surged out of the water, crashing into the city itself. From where I was standing at the time it felt like the whole world was about to end.

I'd never seen anything like, and I still haven't to this day. That thing was practically ripped from a kaiju movie, hundreds of feet tall and absolutely monstrous. You ever seen anything else with both arms and tentacles, not to mention five of each? I didn't think so.

That thing destroyed Hy-Brasil. Yeah, I know that it didn't actually do too much to the city, but it crippled the city to the point where it'd never get better. I've stayed behind because I can't imagine leaving, but this city hasn't been the same since the attack.

Hell, that's not even counting all of the fallout and complications resulting from the event. I still see MC&D churning out ads to sell the caviar they ripped from the squid twenty years later. Twenty years! And from what I hear, they've got enough stock left over to last them another twenty.

It makes sense, I suppose. Hy-Brasil practically was the anomalous community at the time, and everybody who was living here at the time felt its impact. It's not really odd that everybody who lived here would try to make something out of it, and get the most out of an awful situation like that.

I'm not sure if we'll ever stop talking about it.

-Testimony from Fodla ingen Ernmas, lifelong Hy-Brasil resident, 2008

A previously unknown anomalous entity, now known by many names:

LTE-0851-Cetus. The Crocodilian Kraken. The Crocosquid. The Reptilic Cephalopod. The Colossal Aquamorph Entity. The Dread Behemoth. 𒀭𒋾𒊩𒆳. The Squid Ispolin. Crocoteuthis gigantis. UAE-Brasil-78. The Tokage-tako. The Quin Krake. The Plokamisuchus.

The thing that destroyed Hy-Brasil.

There are some events that change the world, events of such great magnitude that everyone alive feels their impact.

Not all of these events occur in the mundane world.

On June 13th, 1988, a three hundred foot tall monster crawled out of the waters surrounding a mystical island out of Irish myth and besieged the land before it was killed. In the aftermath, the island was left ruined and desolate.

But the story doesn't end there. The fallout and the aftermath of this event still continues to this day. Powerful groups attempted to exploit the events of that day, bending what happened to their own myth. There are not many commonalities within the anomalous community, but one was forged upon that day.


Required reading for context.

Nx-03 — A mythical island, a paradise and refuge, and the doom that ended it. (Written by stormbreath)

SCP-7010: "We Will Endure" — Hy-Brasil has stood unbroken for a thousand years. There is no storm it cannot weather. (Written by stormbreath and Lt Flops)


Read in any order.

LTE-0851-Cetus — Beast of legend. Ruiner of all things. Kraken. Monster. Abomination. (Written by stormbreath)

A Foul Storm in a Fair Land — All things must come to an end, even eternal kingdoms. (Written by DrChandra)


Read in any order.

'Kaiju Caviar' (OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2) — Don't play with your food. (Written by DrChandra)

Herman Fuller Presents: The Dread Behemoth — A grand tale of heroism and spectacle, and the trophy of the fight! (Written by DrChandra)

Restless Dreams — Things like this don't go away. They stick in the collective unconsciousness until they're forced out. (Written by RecursiveRecursion)

UIU File: 1988-021 — Sorting through the rubble after a fall. (Written by Baseplate-Actual)

GRU-P casefile "SQUID ISPOLIN" — Breeding titans while your world falls apart around you. (Written by stormbreath)


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Analysis of the Plokamisuchus — An dragon's autopsy. (Written by stallmantic and DrChandra)

About Deer College — The ripples of this splash out far and wide. (Written by ch00bakka)

SCP-3741: "The World Is Your Oyster" — A daring act of espionage. Target: your very memories. (Written by TheMightyMcB)

On The Internet, Nobody Knows You’re A Kaiju — It’s been thirty years since the Doom, and somehow, a part of her remains. (Written by stormbreath)

Dark Sushi File No. 1221 "Waniika Nigiri" — To consume the flesh of the crocosquid is an act so indulgent, only the richest of the rich may partake. (Written by Uncle Nicolini)


Read in the following order.

1. SCP-3534: "Doomsyesterday" — An outline of how the world ended, with a flood of angels. (Written by DrCaroll)

2. Embracing The Angels — Some turn to religion at the end of the world. These folks are close to the truth, too close. (Written by stormbreath)

3. Project Sensuikan — Getting the last remnants out of a drowned world. (Written by stallmantic)

4. The Kaiju Sea — Long after the end, an attempt to figure things out. (Written by DrChandra)

5. A Storm More Foul, A Land Less Fair — One final, hopeless, mad defense. (Written by stormbreath)


Read in the following order.



Chapter I: SCP-5391: "Anastasis" — This is now a war on all fronts. (Written by J Dune)

Chapter II: Awakening — This was the start of a war— No, the awakening of a new world. (Written by chiifu)

Chapter III: Queen of the Monsters — It's been a while since we last saw you, hasn't it? (Written by stormbreath)

Intermission: Critter Profile: Cappi! — "Mr. Wilson, I think we befriended a giant monster." (Written by Ellie3)

Chapter IV: SCP-5437: "A Beast Cast from Heaven" — A god spends millennia dreaming and dying in its own temple. (Written by J Dune)

Chapter V: Reviviscence — Many secrets are kept in the depths of the Library. (Written by Ellie3)

Chapter VI: SCP-5514: "The Dragonslayer" — The war on all fronts comes to an end. (Written by stormbreath, Ellie3, chiifu and J Dune)

Epilogue: When It's All Over — Is it really the end? (Written by stormbreath and Ellie3)


Read in any order.

The Ninth Archangel — In order to fix something, you must sometimes first break it. Especially when said thing is an undead axolotl kaiju. (Written by Ralliston)

SCP-7714: "Fortunate Souls" — You have your answers now. I know you will use your expertise in a more lasting manner than I. (Written by AvocadoMilk, SphereFinale and TheDarkArtist)

Anderson Robotics' Installation Guide: Your New Purple Series Kaiju Defense Exoskeleton! — Anderson Robotics seeks to make profits from the apocalypse, what could go wrong? Written by Stealth000


Read in any order.

Long Live The Queen — Build more mechs. Train more pilots. The apocalypse is coming. Part of the ARMADA Timeline. (Written by AnActualCrow)

SCP-6559: "Icebreaker" — This isn't a mystery story. This is a cold open. Part of the Arctic Timeline. (Written by DodoDevil)

SCP-6222: "FISH PRISON" — Her? She's the worst of the worst in this joint. Part of the Asylum Timeline. (Written by Aftokrator)

The Deviant — In at least one universe, the crocosquid was punched in the face by a giant boxing robot. Part of the Assault Timeline. (Written by EthanHanson)

History of Behemoths — Before there were monsters, there was just a tree. Part of the Antediluvian Timeline. (Written by arthcymro)

A Faerie Tale of Twin Queens — An origin of the fair folk, or the many who claim that name. Part of the Archives Timeline. (Written by LORDXVNV)


Read in any order.

Siren — I want to have a voice. I want to be able to speak in voice chats. I want to have this part of my identity back. (Written by Perdoh)

Reeling in the Crocosquid — Fleeing the Foundation isn't easy, especially not when you've got a brain ghost in one ear and a mad scientist in the other. (Written by stormbreath)

CROCOSQUID VS KONG — Saving the world can be difficult when you have to work in the public domain. (Written by stormbreath)

Behind the Scenes of "Reeling in the Crocosquid" — She couldn't wait to let someone else have that chance to love. (Written by OthelloTheCat)

'The Crocosquid' (OCN39/87YUI/O9NH6) — Selling a rotting kaiju is harder than you might expect. Part of the Archives Timeline. (Written by stormbreath)

Karen, Queen of the Monsters! — Absurd times call for absurd measures. (Written by HarryBlank)

War on All Fronts is a canon about giant monsters.

When you write for War on All Fronts, all you really need to do is have a giant monster in it. The more absurd you make it, the more over the top it is, the better. This is a canon about giant monsters running around and destroying cities.

The primary focus of the canon is on one giant monster: the crocosquid. In 1988, this kaiju showed up — seemingly out of nowhere — and then destroyed a mythical fairy island, turning it into ruin. This island was a center of the anomalous world, and almost every group tried to get in at the fallout of the event, or exploit the tragedy in some fashion.

It's worth noting, however, that unlike some canons, War on All Fronts has a number of separate subcanons within it. There are three primary timelines within War on All Fronts, each of which is considered just as canon as any of the others:


In the Academics timeline, nothing further goes wrong. Various groups do things relating to the crocosquid, but nothing really happens of note. Life goes on, and the world is fine. It does not end. Various groups keep messing around with the crocosquid.


In the Apocalypse timeline, the Foundation keeps poking around at the origins of the crocosquid, until they accidentally break into the universe it came from. As a result, thousands of new crocosquids burst out of a portal and cause the world to flood. They quickly take over the world and destroy everything, leaving little left once they are done. Notably, Academics has some contact with this timeline through interdimensional portals.


In the Anastasis timeline, Prometheus Labs attempts to bring the crocosquid back to life with advanced cybernetics and thaumaturgy. Unfortunately for them, the rituals used to do this accidentally awaken kaiju all over the globe, of various types. The world is rampaged by these monsters, which destroy everything.

In addition to these three main timelines, there are also a small number of additional timelines, which only contain a few articles. These, likewise, are considered just as canon as any other, including the main three. Because they are normally just a single or pair of articles, these timelines are listed in the "Alternates" section, which is not one timeline but a catch-all for any extra timelines. The articles in that section are disconnected from each other, and from the rest of the timelines.

A few articles in the Alternates section (and the Amore section) reference the "Archives Timeline". This is the From 120's Archives Canon. The Academics timeline is canon to 120A; this is not necessarily reciprocal.

The "Amore" section represents another group of catch-all timelines. These articles were all entries into the 2023 RomCon and are listed together for clarity.

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